What Does An Electric Wire’s Bird Flight Diverter Do?


This article discusses the role of bird flight diverters in electrical wires. These devices are used to divert migrating birds from power lines that may result in electrocution when the birds fly into them, or if they are too close and touch them. The article also provides tips for keeping your home safe from electrocution.

What does a bird flight diverter do?

A bird flight diverter is a device that switches the direction of an electric wire in order to divert birds away from power lines. By redirecting the birds’ path, the diverter helps prevent bird collisions and power outages. When a bird flies over the diverter, it gets diverted to the other side of the wire, preventing it from crashing into the wire and causing a power outage.

Why are bird flight diverters needed?

Electric wires used in powerlines can cause birds to fly into power lines, causing them to get electrocuted. When a wire is overhead, the bird’s wings create a voltage difference that can knock it out of the air and onto the wire. Diverters are needed on electric wires because when an electric current flows through a metal wire, it creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field can cause metal objects near the wire to become attracted to the current and be pulled towards it. This is why electric wires have diverters – they prevent animals or objects from getting caught on the wire and being injured or killed.


Electric wires have a built-in bird flight diverters that redirects birds away from power lines, preventing them from getting electrocuted. While this may seem like a small detail, it can make a big difference in the safety of those who live near power lines.