What Do Executive Search Companies Do and How Do They Work?

What Do Executive Search Companies Do and How Do They Work?

Invigorating the top of an organization doesn’t happen on its own. Trying this with internal talent could result in costly turnover or disappointment. Due to that, executive search companies have assumed larger roles in recruiting.

What do executive search companies do? This article will tell you about what they are. This will also outline what an executive search company does and how these services work.

What Executive Search Companies Are

Executive search companies work with organizations to identify, attract and hire executive-level candidates. Their services are for filling senior-level positions such as CEO, CFO, and President.

They work with organizations that look for C suite level recruiting services to fill in higher roles and positions.

How Do They Work

Now, you know what executive search companies are and what they do for companies from different industries. This next section will show you how they do what they do to serve their clients: businesses that need to fill executive-level positions. 

Assessment and Organizations Need

The first step is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the client company. They assess company culture. They look at the experience and specific skills the company is looking for in an executive.

Once they’re done with these, the executive search company will begin its search for qualified candidates. 

Searching for Candidates

An executive search company is also referred to as headhunters. They headhunt for candidates to place in executive-level jobs.

The process begins with hiring a search firm to find candidates for top positions. They will use and tap into its network of contacts to identify potential candidates. They also use job boards and postings online.

They reach out and schedule an executive-level interview. This is when they also try building interest in the open position. If the candidate is open, an interview between the candidate and the company will be set up. The company will then decide whether to hire the candidate or not.

Candidate Selection

Once the interviews and other necessary assessments have been completed, the executive search company and the company will work to find the best. They will also provide guidance on salary, benefits, and other compensation issues. 

The client company makes the final decision on who to hire. But, the executive search firm is still involved in the process. This is to ensure a successful placement.

Fees and Cost

The fees and costs associated with an executive search company can vary. This depends on the size of the organization and the scope of the search. In general, the larger the organization and the more complex the search, the higher the fee will be.

Executive search companies charge a percentage of the placement salary, which can range from 20% to 30%. So if an organization is looking to fill a position that has a salary of $100,000, the executive search company could charge $20,000 to $30,000.

Find Executives Effectively

Search firms play an important role in the economy by connecting top talent with companies that need their skills. By understanding the needs of both parties, executive search companies are able to make matches that benefit everyone involved.

If you’re looking for a new executive-level position, working with an executive search firm is a great way to find the right fit.

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