What are the must-know off-page SEO strategies for 2022?


SEO could be hard, it’s understandable. There is a high chance for you to come across the same piece of advice such as optimize your title tags, publishing content on your social media handles, create great content, etc.

At some point in time, you might feel, is that it? You feel saturated.

You may wonder that I keep repeating the same thing, but my ranks aren’t improving! Why is it so?

It’s simple, as everyone is doing the same thing following same advice. Does this answer your doubt now?

Therefore, in order to rank higher than your competitors you need to follow strategies that are entirely different from the rest.

In this article we will discuss the off-page SEO strategies that is tactical and actionable. I would recommend that you read this article till the end to be benefited.

Do you feel excited to learn the least known off-page SEO strategies for 2022?

Great! Let us get started.

Find an opportunity keyword

An opportunity keywords are the keywords with higher organic CTR (Click-through rate), and these are better than the regular keywords.

Have you noticed the first page of google search engine? It is packed with many things unlike before, such as the ads, featured snippet, a questions box, and news result.

Howbeit, for an opportunity keyword the page is pretty clean, although there are some ads. This paves way for the organic results.

Pro-tip – How to find people’s address to send emails?

You could use an email lookup tool such as GetEmail.io to find people’s address for sending emails. This is very important for a successful email campaign.

To start with, you may sign up for the free version of this tool. The tool is getting popular for its high accuracy rate when compared with any other tools.

Content competition – Check this out!

Suppose that you got your opportunity keyword. What’s next?

Instead of writing a content and hoping for it to rank in the search engine. You should first do some analysis for what’s already working well, and then create content.

With this approach, you will get an idea about the type of content that Google is supporting to rank higher and then create content.

Create a better content – A different one

When you wish to write content for search engine optimization, you need to ensure that you are creating something different or something better.

This will help you get a greater number of social shares, backlinks, etc.

Add your hook

If you are just starting out with search engine optimization, then you may want to skip this step.

As you know, pages with great number of backlinks from authority sites ranks better in the search engine page. How do you get people to link to your page?

Let me tell you in a simple way.

For this, first you must know why people link to content in your industry. This is the hook.

Then you must include this hook in your content.

New stuff

As a digital marketer, you are will keep on testing out different strategies, you will find that some strategies could improve your rankings incredibly.

You could share your new strategies; it is a good idea.

Include case studies with result in detail. People will definitely find this insightful and would link your site to their blogs and articles.

Final thoughts

Despite following the off-page SEO tactics shared in this article, you should take care of on-page SEO too. Such as URL length, it is good to have short URLs for a better ranking. And then work on internal linking.

I hope you find this understandable and actionable.

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