What are the Features of intelligent restroom solutions?


The Smart Toilet Management system is linked with the sensors, gateways, networks, and the cloud to get your data flowing into the software dashboard or platform. Along with an intelligent toilet people counter, our Smart Restroom systems will provide statistics on the utilization of space in your washrooms, including the amount of paper, hand wash, and soap consumed.

The smart restroom solution is ideal for client places such as large airports, shopping malls, stadiums, hospitals, and schools. Large footfalls are common because they can identify any hygiene or operational issues, leaks, or breakdowns and send SMS alerts that your team can address the problem. Other ideal places for the smart restroom solution include stadiums, hospitals, and schools.

Features of smart restroom solutions

The procedure for collecting data in the intelligent toilet management system- 

People are counting: ultra-low-power passive infrared sensors accurately count customers when they enter a specific toilet. Detection of falls alerts management if a patron of the bathroom trips and falls while using the facility.

Vacancy indication: The dashboard shows users which stalls are available for use, the total number of vacant stalls, and an estimated wait time. This sensor data may also be linked to an alert notification system, which, in most cases, will send an email to supervisors if specific pre-programmed triggers are triggered.

Intelligent Urinal with a People Counter

The smart toilet people counters assist the sanitation workers in modifying their work schedules to be more in line with the trends in toilet occupancy. The occupancy Smart restroom technology in the bathroom determines what amenities are accessible by tracking the number of persons who enter and exit the designated space. 

When a certain threshold is reached in terms of the number of visits, the sensor triggers an alarm in the smartphone’s notification system, which in turn triggers the sending of an email to the sanitation crew. The planning and sanitation personnel can do a more accurate job when they have access to reliable data regarding the number of individuals that visit every hour, day, week, or month. 

People’s counter sensors monitor bathroom use statistics around the clock and transmit the data to a centralized server through a local area network (LAN), the internet, or a WiFi Internet gateway.

Sensor for the Detection of Wetness

The Detection of Wetness Sensors allows for the detection of dampness on the floor and subsequent decisions regarding cleaning. These decisions are made by pushing the wetness status data into the software and sending an alarm through the smartphone’s notification system, which in turn sends an email to the sanitation department.

Soap and Toilet Dispenser

One of the most important components of Smart Restroom Solutions is the dispensers for soap and toilet paper. These dispensers are outfitted with Fconnected sensors capable of sending data and warnings to management to assist them in determining when it is necessary to restock consumable goods.

Smart devices reduce the need for set duty rounds and ensure that consumables are only replaced as and when they are required. Additionally, these systems guarantee that customers will always have soap and toilet paper access. Users are only given the quantity of soap and toilet paper that they need, which helps bright soap and toilet paper dispensers contribute to the reduction of waste.