What Are The Effects Of The IVF Treatment?

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IVF treatments are really common in this era. Many females are unable to get pregnant because of an unhealthy diet plan and poor lifestyle of people. IVF treatments are really common in the world in this era. In Vitro Fertilization is the full form of IVF treatment. 

Effectiveness of the IVF treatment

IVF treatments are taken by many ladies at different ages. IVF has different effects on different groups of age. 

  • The success rate of IVF at the age of 35:  An organization declares that the success rate of IVF in women under the age of 35 is 55%, giving live birth to the embryo is 41%, and the birth percentage is 47%. The name of the organization of Women is SART. The full form of SART is Society for Reproductive Technology. 
  • Success rate in the age of 35-37: The success rate of IVF in the age of 35-37 is 38% on the use of eggs of the female ovary. In the time of live birth on embryo based is 40%, the rate of success is increased to 42% for second embryo transfer. 
  • Success rate under the age of 38-40: For women under the age of 38-30 gets beneficial results. The success rate is 25% at the transferring time of the first embryo. 44% are successful at the time of the second embryo transfer. 

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The reason behind the decrease in the success rate of in-vitro fertilization 

The number of eggs decreases during the passage year of women’s age. The quality of the eggs is reduced by the passing year of the age of women. The quality of the egg decreases the poor embryo quality, which lowers the chances that implantation within the uterus will occur. 

Diminishing the reserve

The egg quality and quantity decline. It becomes more prominent after the age of 40. A low ovarian reserve, lower quality eggs and fewer eggs in general can decrease the chance of pregnancy. It is able to obtain a quality embryo that successfully implants on the uterine wall.

Poor quality of eggs

Poor embryo quality increases the risk of miscarriage or failure to implant. The poor quality of eggs is more likely to occur with lower-quality eggs or not enough eggs retrieved during the egg retrieval process involved in IVF.

Other impacts on the success rate of the IVF treatment

The factor that affects the IVF success rate is not only age. Many reasons affect the success rate, like infertility issues, lifestyle, and number of IVF cycles.

  • The Number of IVF cycles: Many couples experience two or more IVF cycles. Women adapt to the process of IVF very early, after one or two cycles. Many examples show the increasing rate of success with more IVF cycles. 
  • Fertility issues: the count of sperm is low. The poor quality of the egg and the inner uterine lining and many more play a vital role in the success of IVF. The reason that your fertility team examines you and your partner’s issues of fertility. This exam ensures that IVF is the right choice for you. 
  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle has an important role in the success of IVf treatment. Quitting the habit of smoking or drinking can give you a healthy body and more chance of conceiving. Maintaining a healthy weight can help fertility drugs. Hormones interact within the body and contribute to the success rate of IVF.

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