What Are Extraoral Bitewings?How Are They Used in Dentistry?


The concept of extraoral bitewings has been introduced recently by a few manufacturers of panoramic X-ray machines. A special software program utilizes the same acquisition technique used for a panoramic X-ray to produce extraoral bitewing images that show the crown and roots of premolars and molars in addition to parts of the maxillary sinus and mandibular canal. The improved interproximal projection geometry of the Extraoral Bitewing shows interproximal contacts without overlap because the rotational movement of the machine ensures that the X-ray beam is perpendicular to each contact area during the imaging.

Bitewings, the most common type of dental X-ray, provide dentists with information necessary to diagnose common conditions and assist with the development of customized treatment planning. Besides showing clear images of the teeth and roots, a bitewing image also shows occlusal positioning. Typically, capturing a bitewing requires taking up to four images with intraoral film or a digital intraoral sensor to isolate certain areas of the anatomy. The extraoral bitewing feature, which is becoming more common in modern panoramic X-ray systems, eliminates these concerns.

What Are the Benefits of Extraoral Imaging Programs to Dental Professionals and Their Patients
In some instances, extraoral bitewing images may capture more detail than their intraoral counterparts. The 360 degrees of rotation used to apply the exposure in panoramic imaging improves the image quality of the dentition. While intraoral images might be sharper, extraoral images often capture more depth of field.

Every practice should accommodate the needs or preferences of patients who either have a sensitive gag reflex or cannot accommodate intraoral sensors.. In addition to sensitive gag reflexes, other issues might complicate the use of intraoral sensors.

For instance, some patients might feel claustrophobic, or that they are being smothered when they need to use an intraoral sensor. Others yet might have small mouths or mandibular tori that make the placement of intraoral sensors either difficult or impossible.

Finally, dental hygienists also prefer the use of extraoral bitewings because there is no intraoral sensor to disinfect between patients, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination or pathogen transmission.

Pediatric Offices
Extraoral bitewings are a fast and efficient alternative to conventional intraoral X-rays, especially for the smaller kids that aren’t comfortable with a typical intraoral sensor. This is why many digital X-ray systems with extraoral bitewing programs are typically the preferred equipment for pediatric dentists.

Extraoral bitewing programs on panoramic machines are also typically associated with lower radiation exposures, which is beneficial not only for children but for all patients.

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For sensitive and pediatric patients, the extraoral bitewings features of select panoramic X-ray machines are the go-to standard and are becoming more popular among patients as well. If you’re considering a purchase of a panoramic X-ray system with extraoral bitewings, consider the cost savings of certified pre-owned equipment to help reduce your initial investment while you try out the new imaging method.

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