Ways to Prevent Cavities in Children

Ways to Prevent Cavities in Children

Good oral hygiene should start early, especially when it comes to cavities and tooth decay. Not only do they affect your health, but can be painful to repair. As a parent, it is crucial to preserve and maintain the health of your child’s teeth as this provides a solid foundation for their future health.

Unfortunately, while they understand that dental care is important, many parents often struggle with determining how much dental care their children need. In this post we will discuss the importance home and in-clinic children dental care and ways they can prevent tooth decay in children.

What Causes Cavities?

Bacteria found in the mouth is the leading cause of cavities. Put simply, tooth decay and cavities occur when foods containing sugars and starches are left on the teeth. When these bacteria come into contact with food and saliva, they produce acids that can eat away at the tooth enamel, causing cavities. 

Cavities cannot be reversed, but they can be treated. Similarly, with regular brushing and flossing this build-up can be prevented. However, most children suffer from cavities as children fail to brush their teeth properly. Diet also plays a role in the cause of cavities and children who eat lots of sweet, sugary and starchy food have a higher risk of cavities.

Tooth Decay & Cavity Prevention

They key to preventing cavities in children is to teach, maintain and encourage good oral hygiene practices. Some tips to prevent cavities include:

Start good oral habits early

It is important that children understand the importance of good dental health and hygiene. This can be done by teaching them how to brush and floss, the consequences of neglecting their teeth and leading by example.

Regular brushing and flossing

Children should brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride rich toothpaste. This removes bacteria and plaque that can cause tooth decay and cavities.

While parents may hate policing these tasks, it is important that young children are helped and monitored when brushing to ensure the best clean possible. This also helps enforce and teach the correct technique and brushing time.

Limit or avoid certain food

Children should be limited in their intake of sugary snacks and drinks as these can erode enamel and accelerate tooth decay. 

This can be prevented by brushing or rinsing their mouth out after eating. Additionally, healthier alternatives can be offered to help maintain good dental health.

Regular dental check-ups

In addition to at home care, regular dental check-ups with your family dentist is also crucial in preserving your child’s teeth. This should be done from as early as 6 months or when their first tooth has erupted. 

Even if they do not have any teeth, infant oral care is important! Wiping their gums after feeding and gently brushing their teeth and gums will help keep their mouth healthy, long before their teeth show.

Your Family Dentist

Cavities are not an adult only problem, and can develop in both children and toddlers. In order to keep your children’s teeth and mouth health, it is important to practice good oral care and hygiene. 

Offering a clean, bright and comfortable environment, both you and your child will feel welcome and at ease at Noosa Family Dental. A Team of friendly dentists will walk you and your child through the best dental practices to help keep their teeth as healthy as possible.