Ways to Increase Productivity in the Office


Your office is your second home, or maybe even a room in your house, and is where you spend a large part of your day with the sole purpose of finishing tasks to make money. The better and faster you complete those tasks, the happier you and the people you work with are and hopefully the more money you will make. Finding ways to be more productive without putting in more hours is always desirable not just for the possibility of generating more revenue but also for advancing your career. Here are some ideas of how to make things better on the second homefront.

Make Use of Technology

Whether you want to admit it, your computer, tablet, phone or other devices are your best friends at work that you experience a love/hate relationship with. True productivity is only possible when technology is working for you so make the investment in high-quality pieces and take the time to master them. Put into place workflow automation wherever feasible in your task management so that your time is spent wisely on aspects of projects that automation cannot handle. Delegate to technology those tasks that it can do best so your time and attention can be put to use completing more on the to-do list. Even if the only tech you use for work is your phone to email and text, be sure to keep it updated, clean and charged so that it will always be available. 

Design Your Time Management

You may not be in control of your schedule if you work in an office, but you can choose how to manage the time you are given to complete your work. Make a deliberate effort to design your workflow according to when and how you get things done best. If you are not a morning person, leave your complex tasks for the afternoon when your mind is sharpest. Focus on one problem or assignment at a time so that, given your full attention, you accomplish more by the end of the day. Leave the multitasking for projects that don’t require attention to detail. For meetings that you will not have to participate in, set up a video or recording feed so you can watch it when it suits your workflow. Don’t underestimate the importance of break time. Be sure to schedule 15 minutes off every two hours to give your mind a rest. Engaging in physical activity during a break can help with energy level and circulation. 

Initiate Daily Communication

The type of work you do dictates who you communicate with and no matter what your current habit or policy is for communication, your productivity will increase if you have daily contact with clients or managers of projects. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities are the basis for knowing what tasks will be done by who, but these can be enhanced leading to greater productivity by fine-tuning the completion process with concise daily emails, texts or other forms of contact. Rewarding and encouraging yourself and others who excel, have successful moments or achieve goals early helps build morale and keep the workplace a pleasant place to be. Positive energy and feedback strengthen staff members and are important not just to increase productivity, but also to retain employees and customers. 

There are lots of factors involved with productivity in your office and some of these are out of your control, but the variables you can affect should be treated with top priority because this is where you can increase your output. Managing your technology, time and communication skills are essential to meeting and exceeding your goals. Your work is not just a way to make money, but an outlet for creativity and compassion regardless of the field. Looking for ways to build revenue and career advancement should not be more important than integrity and respect, and incorporating the concepts discussed here can lead to uncompromising increased productivity for you and your company.