Virtual Clothing Try On: The Future Of Fashion?


With the ever-changing technology and the demands of consumers, the future of fashion stores will be entirely different. When people are buying clothes online, they would want to look at how the clothes will appear on them, just as they would be buying offline by trying them on. The future of fashion technology thus depends on virtual reality. 

Your Virtual Fitting Room

Without physically wearing the dress, you can check the fit, size, and style and how they appear on you. The device is camera-equipped and helps out figuring out the realistic representation of how you will appear with the clothes. The try-on software helps the potential buyers to look at the dress on them without getting undressed. Smart mirror technology provides customers to change instantly with ease with different colors and types of clothes.


When you opt for the virtual try-on, you are open to the personalization features. Different personalization options include features creating products that match your style and preferences. Customers are even ready to pay more to get their products personalized. Therefore businesses have opportunities to earn more with the help of virtual try-on technology.

Improve Ecommerce Experience

Customers who prefer buying online instead of hopping to physical stores will now be in an advantageous position as the eCommerce experience has improved with virtual reality. With the camera equipped with 3D technology, the potential customers will experience trying their selected dresses on them to figure out how they will look on them. The virtual clothing try-on is considered to be the future of the fashion industry.

Product Returns Are Reduced 

Many customers used to buy the same products of different sizes to get the best fit and return the others. So, when they get an opportunity to try the products on themselves, they can finalize their purchase by selecting the right fit and style. Expensive returns and stock accumulation have also been reduced with this technology.

No-contact Try On 

Some people do not feel comfortable trying on apparel that may be tried on by someone else. After the Covid-19 outbreak, the no-contact try-ons are much more desirable than the physical trials. Though things are becoming normal after the Covid 19, some habits may remain the same, and people may find comfort in them. 

Increased Conversions

Conversion goals are achieved through augmented reality technology and virtual try-on. When products are supported with the software of the virtual try-on, it meets the requirements of the customers by size, style, looks, and other options. The potential customers have full freedom of making customization, exploring options, and trying a huge range of apparel options within a very short period. Therefore conversions have increased as the customers become ready to spend more.


The future of fashion technology lies in augmented reality and virtual try-ons. When people can try different garments during their convenient time and in the comfort of their home, then they will be satisfied with the right fit and style that suits them. The goals of the conversions have increased, and the product returns have reduced significantly.