Vinyl boards: The better alternative to conventional FRP boards


Modern and technologically upgraded Vinyl boards have emerged as a cost-effective alternative to FRP boards. Besides being cost-effective, Vinyl boards have impressed the industry with their efficiency and functionality. Vinyl boards are instrumental in improving the productivity of commercial space by offering optimal protection to walls. These boards are pivotal in protecting against moisture and preventing dampness and mold growth, which is one of the major concerns in commercial setups.

Moreover, Vinyl boards are versatile for use in various commercial applications. Vinyl boards are a practical choice for different commercial purposes like kitchens, warehouses, car washes, food processing units, diary facilities, etc. Using Vinyl wall board for paneling ensures moisture, humidity, and mole or mildew growth do not affect the interiors. With Vinyl boards, you can be assured of a clean and hygienic environment that is safe both for working and storage. However, when the comparison between Vinyl boards and FRP walls board is concerned, much more contribute to the popularity of Vinyl boards over the latter.

Installation convenience

You must already know about the struggle that goes into installing FRP boards. They are messy and time-consuming, and also expensive. In addition, FRP panels require backer boards and adhesives for installation, which takes work. On the other hand, Vinyl boards are lightweight and backer board free. Furthermore, they are easy to install as they fit any existing structure with studs and fasteners. Moreover, Vinyl boards use tongue and groove interlocking methods that seamlessly fit the panels without crevices. In addition, it is a fast process and takes little time for installation. 

Water resistance

When using a paneling system for a facility, the primary goal is to protect against moisture. While FRP boards absorb moisture resulting in rotting and molding over the years, Vinyl boards are water-resistant. Moreover, Vinyl boards’ seamless and poreless surface prevents water from seeping under the surface, thus offering optimal protection. They protect the walls from moisture and eliminate the scope of dampness and mold growth on the surface. 


Made from virgin PVC, the Vinyl wall board is extremely durable and robust. They last for decades without showing any deterioration and without losing efficiency. In addition, Vinyl boards are known for their robustness, which makes them capable of handling high impacts and remaining unaffected. Unlike FRP boards, Vinyl boards do not crack, rot, mold, or deteriorate over the years. As a result, vinyl boards are considered a one-time investment that will remain efficient and offer optimal performance for years to come. 


Finally, FRP boards also lose the battle with Vinyl boards regarding pricing. FRP boards are expensive as they have additional expenses for installation, repairs, and maintenance. Vinyl boards, on the other hand, are affordable as they cost you nothing additional. Vinyl boards save up to 40% on material and 50% on labor costs compared to FRP wall boards. Vinyl boards also save significantly on repairs and replacement as they need none. They will last for years without pinching the pocket and offer efficient productivity.

Hope this helps you recognize the productivity and efficiency of a Vinyl wall board over the FRP boards. You can check out the Vinyl boards from Duramax for quality assurance and experience the difference. Save time, and call today at 323-991-7507.