Vastu consultant in Kolkata includes these aspects for vastu for kitchen

Vastu consultant in Kolkata

In case you are looking ahead to get vastu for kitchen from an expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata, you already understand its importance. 

But do you know which aspects come under vastu for kitchen? 

 In this following blog, we are going to explore the various aspects that Vastu consultant in Kolkata takes into account while carrying out vastu for kitchen. 

  1. Suitable direction for Placement of kitchen

As per Vastu consultant in Kolkata, the south east direction represents the fire element. 

So, for best result, always place the kitchen is in the south-east direction of the house. 

The second best option is the north-west direction of the house. 

You need to avoid placing the kitchen area in north, north-east or south-west zone of the house.

These placements can bring ill-effect in the form of domestic conflict and dispute among family members.

  1. Suitable Placement of gas cylinder and oven 

The cooking appliances like gas burner, cylinder, microwave oven etc all are considered as fire element. 

So, place them in the southeast zone of the kitchen as well. Also make sure to face the east while cooking. 

  1. Ideal zones to keep electric gadgets

In any modern kitchen, it is inevitable to find several kitchen appliances, mostl which works on electrivcity.

These include appliances such as rice cooker, toasters, coffee machine, mixer-grinder, and so on. Place these in the south east zone as well to ensure good vastu for kitchen.

Also ensure to avoid keeping them in the north east corner. Doing so can cause malfunctioning or breaking down of these appliances. 

  1. Suitable zone of installation of the water structures 

Every kitchen has a sink, water filter, water outlet; for its usage and utlity.

Vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends to follows some rule for their installation. 

Never place the water bodies right next or parallel to the oven. These orientations can trigger domestic conflicts in the family.

To ensure auspicious vastu for kitchen, install them in the northeast corner of the kitchen. 

Also, seek vastu guidance before designing kitchen drain and water pipes in the kitchen area.

  1. Vastu guidance for placement of refrigerator

It is customary to have a fridge in every household. It is useful to store dairy products, fruits, veggies and leftover food for long period of time.

Vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends pacing it in the south-west zone of the kitchen. 

However, it can be placed in any other zone as well, except the north east corner. 

  1. Vastu guidance for the storage cabinet

A storage cabinet is very crucial to store and preserve extra ration and eatables in the household, as reserve. 

To ensure good vastu for kitchen, place it in the south west zone of the space. This placement ensures good fortune and prosperity for its occupants.

But if you don’t have any separate cabinet in your home, you can keep the storage containers, neatly arranged in the south west zone.

  1. Suitable Placement of utensils rack

Because of using numerous utensils in the kitche area, often it leads towards cluttering. 

Vastu consultant in Kolkata warns that failing to keep them neatly can affect the vastu for kitchen

Always, keep them neatly in utensil basket and keep it in either south or west zones of the kitchen.

Also, discard any broken china or glassware at the earliest. Using them or keeping them at home can generate and spread negative energy throughout the home. 

  1. Vastu guidance for windows and exhaust fan 

Window and exhaust fan in the kitchen area is very crucial to remove any negative energy and toxic gas from the area. 

Vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends installing windows or exhausting fan on the eastern wall of the kitchen. 

In case of electric chimney, installing them on the south zone of the kitchen is always recommended. 

To know more about vastu for kitchen or to avail this service from Vastu consultant in Kolkata, get in touch with us at Vaastu Mangaal. 

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