A look at custom vape cartridge packaging and its impact on your business

vape cartridge packaging

vape cartridge packaging is the new trend among today’s youth. It is being promoted as a somewhat “healthy” and “harmless” alternative to tobacco smoking. A vape user inhales a concoction of nicotine, chemicals, juices, flavors, etc., through the vape cartridge. The cartridge is battery-powered, and you can replace them when they expire. A comparative advantage of vaping over smoking is that the smoke doesn’t enter the lungs, which is why it is deemed less harmful.

Here, we will specifically discuss custom vape cartridge packaging and how it can help you win more customers and increase sales. So, let’s begin.

The most desirable traits in custom vape cartridge packaging:

Think of it in this way. As a vape manufacturer, what qualities you would want in your custom vape packaging;
Attractive design and artwork

These are some of the most desired qualities in vape boxes. Thankfully, custom vape packaging provides you with all of these and even more. That is why it is advisable that you opt for customized packing instead of regular boxes.
What are the different material options for making custom vape packaging?

To produce the best-quality bespoke vape boxes, you can use the following options;

Kraft sheet
Corrugated material
Rigid sheet

Cardboard, corrugated sheet, and rigid sheets are almost identical. The difference is in the construction and structure of the sheet, while the primary material remains the same. All these materials are widely available and are cost-effective too. They are used in producing several types of cartons, containers, and boxes. You can choose their thickness level as per your requirements.
Each material has its particular set of features and advantages. But, the Kraft sheet is the one that is different from the rest. It is produced from organic materials and finds traction among customers concerned about environmental matters.

The importance of aesthetics in vape packaging:

We have already established that a vape maker would want to have a box that looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive. But why is that? It is because of the attitude of vape users. A vape is also a fashion accessory, and vape users want its packaging to look beautiful. Therefore, you better invest your time and energies to make the package as charming as possible. Let’s learn of some techniques that can make the vape cartridge box more appealing to the customer.

Printing Add-ons:

You can use the following finishing options to make the box appear more beautiful.
Spot UV
Metallic Foiling
Soft-touch finish

All these techniques will make the printing on the box appear more prominent and enhance the overall look of the box.

Inserts can help too:

Inserts can play a double role here. They can add a premium feel to the box and protect the product well. Vape is a fragile item. And an insert will give it a snuggle fit, making it easier to transport and handle.

Colorful artwork is another plus point:

Colors can make your box stand out in a big way. You can use colors to go that resonate with the product itself. Vape is a kind of smoking, so you can use shades of brown, maroon, red, etc. But, it is not a cardinal rule. Similarly, imagery and graphics are equally important. They convey a feeling to the buyers and ask them to pick the box and buy it.

vape cartridge packaging

Go green with your packaging choice:

It is something relevant to our times. By picking an eco-friendly packaging material, you convey that you are concerned about the environment. Many buyers will fall for it. The box will also look different among the bevy of other vape cartridge packaging lined up. The material in question here is the Kraft sheet. Use it for maximum impact.

Make them useful with descriptions:

Besides images and patterns, you can also make good use of the box with different kinds of information in textual form. You can write the company name, product description, tagline, etc. In the case of vaping, it would help things if you mentioned caution and warning messages too. All these things will add to the worth of custom vape packaging, and the client would feel compelled to buy it.

Make a recyclable box:

Now, this is a fascinating thing to do. You produce a box that the customer can reuse for some other purpose. In this way, your brand will remain before the user’s eyes all the time. He will unconsciously be asking for your brand the next time he is going to buy the vape. For this, work on the design of the box and use such a strong and durable material. It will help in
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That is all about the custom vape packaging. We hope this has been an instructive and helpful write-up. Customization is the thing to do whether the product is vaping or something else. They carry immense benefits for the businesses and also for the users. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process.