Using the 3D Fields of View within the Various Carestream CBCT Systems


Carestream Dental manufactures a wide range of high-quality, reliable dental equipment across the United States and around the world, all at surprisingly affordable prices. For more than two decades, they have delivered superior products backed by a strong, positive industry reputation.

Carestream CBCT systems deliver a variety of 3D field of view (FOV) options across their various dental cone beam models, sometimes making it difficult for practices to determine which system will suit them best. In this article, we will explore some of the different FOV sizes available with the different Carestream Dental cone beam models and what dental applications they typically support to help narrow practices down their choices.

Carestream CS 3D 9000 3D
The Carestream CS 9000 3D is an affordable entry point into dental cone beam imaging. This Carestream CBCT system features a focused 3D FOV at just 5×3.5cm along with dedicated 2D panoramic imaging functionality. It can also be upgraded to cephalometric modality as needed. CS 9000 3D can provide high resolution scans up to 76 microns, and because of its smaller FOV, is ideal for localized exams, endodontics, single tooth implants or other similar applications.

The Carestream CS 9300
The Carestream CS 9300 is an extremely versatile Carestream CBCT system that offers selectable 3D FOV to support almost any dental speciality. It’s also available in two models, as the Carestream CS 9300 Premium and the Carestream CS 9300 Select. Both options include dedicated 2D panoramic functionality and can be upgraded to a cephalometric modality if the needs of the practice expand in the future.

Both models also offer a high-resolution scan mode that features an image resolution up to 90 microns for detailed, more complex examinations.

The Carestream CS 9300 Premium has seven selectable fields of view, ranging from a small 5x5cm scan up to a large field of view of 17×13.5cm volume. This dental cone beam system is ideal for the widest range of applications including general dentistry, endodontics, implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental sleep medicine, orthodontics and full craniofacial exams.

As for the Carestream CS 9300 Select, this dental CBCT machine features up to five fields of view, from a focused FOV 5x5cm exam through a medium FOV10x10cm setting. Like the CS 9300 Premium, the CS 9300 Select is ideal for general dentistry, endodontics, single or dual jaw dental implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery and other applications more limited to the patient’s dentition.

Carestream CS 8100 3D
The CS 8100 3D from Carestream Dental offers the widest range of versatility among the Carestream CBCT product family. It can be purchased as a 2D system only and upgraded to 3D and/or cephalometric functionality in order to provide additional imaging modalities and applications. CS 8100 3D can also be purchased as a cone beam enabled system from the start. In addition to its imaging capabilities, it also features a compact footprint and a modern, elegant design.

The CS 8100 3D system offers 3D fields of view from 4x4cm up to 8x9cm and offers high-resolution scans up to 75 microns. This system is ideal for general dentistry as well as endodontics, single or dual jaw dental implants and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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