Ways a User-Friendly Website Help Reach More Customers?


When you visit a website, what’s the first thing that gets your attention? It’s the design and the amazing imagery, right! Let’s say you like the design but when you start navigating the website, your experience is disrupted. There is no search bar, the categories of the website aren’t displayed on the home page, and there are similar other issues. Such a website is not user-friendly at all. Your immediate reaction would be to close the tab and look for a better website.

Moral of the discussion: A user-friendly website is highly important! I wanted to learn about Cox cable plans. hence, I got the opportunity to visit Cox’s website. It’s so simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. Everything is self-explanatory. I was enjoying the experience so much that I spent an entire hour on it and it’s not even a stretch!

With a user-friendly website, you are basically setting up a logical format so that a visitor can precisely find what they are looking for. The easier it is for them to find information, the faster they are to take action, which means you have got yourself a lead.

Why User-Friendly Websites Are Important

Every marketing expert and developer would stress upon creating a user-friendly website. Why? Because it’s the key to reach more customers.  

A user-friendly website makes you confident that you will inspire a visitor to use your site. They will feel as though the website has been designed for them. Even if they don’t complete an action on their first visit, they will remember your site and come again. This time, they will come with purchase intent. This is exactly what you need.

Let’s introduce you to the benefits of a user-friendly website to understand why it’s so important.

1: Increased Page Activity

With a user-friendly website, you’ll be able to keep more visitors on your page longer. Because the goal isn’t just to attract visitors but to convert them into customers. For that, you’ll need them to explore various pages of your website, read the content, learn about your services, and click on a CTA. Visitors on your website will leave the design is not easy to navigate.

2: Reduced Bounce Rate

Since a user-friendly website makes a visitor stay, this will reduce your site’s bounce rate significantly. The visitor won’t be frustrated and they won’t end the session all of a sudden. Instead, they will reach the checkout page and complete the action.

3: Attract More Leads

Another advantage of user-friendly web design is more conversion. Once a potential customer lands on your site, they will reach your targeted CTA if you have a well-defined navigation route throughout your website.

For the ease of the visitor and to persuade them to click, it’s recommended to place CTA buttons at different places throughout the website. Sign-up, learn more, buy now, and call us are a few examples. The number of leads who will actually convert will be determined by how accessible your website is.

4: More Returning Visitors

If visitors on your website have a positive experience but aren’t ready to make a purchase right now, they’re likely to return. They’ll remember the ease or the nice experience once they’re in purchase mode and won’t go anywhere else to make a purchase.

5: Improved Search Engine Rankings

Many websites that are failing to make a market on search engines are guilty of being complicated. A user-friendly site with an intuitive design, easy navigate and fresh website copy is sure to perform well in the SERP.

The website’s content plays a role in making it user-friendly too. When writing content, remember that you are trying to impress search engine crawlers and average customers, not Shakespeare. Hence, make your content relevant and simple. Don’t forget to use keywords.

6: Save Cost

You would be saving a lot of time and money in the long run if you spend proper amount of time developing a user-friendly website right from the start.

A simpler design requires less effort and its turnaround is fast as well. Consequently, its maintenance will fall in line with your budget. After all, if an expensive website is not converting, you are at loss.

Not only will a user-friendly website attract more visitors, but it will also help you generate more revenue. With an efficient site design, it will be easier to convert clicks into sales and better engage the audience.

The Question: Is Your Site User-Friendly?

Now, let me ask you, is your website user-friendly? Look at numbers: bounce rate, engagement levels, CTR, conversion rate, and sales. If these figures are disappointing, it’s time to fix your website’s design

These are some ways to make it user-approved:

Choose the colors wisely

When it comes to colors, balance beauty, and color. Not only must your color scheme be appropriate for your industry, but the contrast between the backdrop and the text must be easy for the visitor to read the content without hurting their eyes.

Make the Navigation Simpler

A first-time visitor normally uses use the navigation bar to get a sense of where they are on the page. The navigation bar is necessary since it accompanies the visitor throughout their journey. Add the important categories on the navigation bar but don’t make it overwhelming.


Use CTA to your advantage. These buttons should be dispersed throughout the site and they must be clearly visible.

Improve the Layout

The site’s layout must be responsive. The user must be able to enjoy a smooth experience even if they are browsing on their smart devices.

Understood the importance of a user-friendly site? Great! You better get to work now!