Upgrading Your Jeep Lights Made Easy


Choosing the perfect lighting for your jeep can be often intimidating especially if you really have no idea what to pick. There are a lot of brands out there and a couple of technologies to choose from. As tricky as it may sound, you just have to do it right the first time, it requires a bit of research but to make it easier on your part, here’s a breakdown of what kind of lights might work best for the perfect rig you are aiming for your jeep.

Jeep lights have various functionality, this is not a secret for many Jeep enthusiasts. Before any type of lights were introduced, headlights, for any type of vehicles are used to light the way during nighttime or when heavy rain happens during the day—to ward off any danger or hazards on the road up ahead. Ever since, halogen bulbs are used for stock headlights, even now, but most Jeep owners tend to replace those bulbs with LED or HID headlights which are both good choices for better visibility.

Fog Lights
Fog lights are initially used to break through thick fog with just a short distance of illumination for at least a couple of feet. Without fog lights, nothing could prevent any life-threatening incidents that may happen on the road because of zero visibility for outside elements on the road. Generally, fog lights cast a wide beam at a low angle toward the surface of the road, below the driver’s eye level. This helps prevent glare from being scattered back into the face of the driver, which would adversely affect visibility.

Lightbars are the highlights when selecting Jeep lights, not just for illumination but for the additional futuristic and impressive look you got going on for your Jeep. They’re half functionality, half style. They’re also really excellent for camping and trail trekking just providing top-notch illumination in the darkness of the night, away from civilization, preventing any possible unnoticed dangerous situation.

Upgrade To Either LED or HID
Most Jeep owners tend to upgrade their Jeep lights according to their needs. Once you decide to upgrade the lights on your Jeep, there are two best options for you, and these are either LED or HID lights.

LED lights are the best energy-efficient lights, providing a light intensity of up to 12,000 Lumens—which makes visibility on the road a lot clearer. Converting your whole lighting rig to LED lights can be expensive if you’re on a budget. But investing in LED lights could do a lot more for you since they can last almost forever and would require very minimal operational expenses if you take really good care of them.

HID light uses gas and rare metals to produce a very bright light which also makes them a whole lot better than halogen lights and as energy efficient as LED lights. They are also more on the affordable side on the capital expenses than LED lights but would require higher operational expenses over time.

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