Universal POS Terminal Your Best Choice


Small and large businesses alike depend on payment technologies that are reliable, user-centric, and easy to use. Your company must be able to process and receive payments quickly and securely.

The universal payment terminal gives you access to all the functions you need, such as a receipt printer and magnetic stripe reader. You can also purchase a multifunctional touch screen POS terminal with a user-friendly touch screen built into the system.

Let’s take a closer look at POS terminals together and how you can find the perfect solution for your company.

What is a universal POS terminal?

A payment terminal is an electronic device typically used for electronic payments and transfers at points of sale (POS). At POS, your customers pay for services or products – mostly in-store or online.

An all-in-one payment terminal can be defined as a device with an integrated hardware system. This system allows your customers to pay at a retail store, for example, with a credit or debit card.

You should be able to connect multiple android pos terminal systems. This usually means that you need to integrate the POS system with the end device.

If you choose a more innovative android pos terminal, you can easily connect your terminals yourself, without directly integrating them into a payment terminal.

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Benefits of a universal payment terminal

Why does your business need a universal android pos terminal? All-in-one POS systems are primarily practical. You can access all the functions you need in one configuration.

The components of a particular POS terminal may differ from others, but in most cases, you will have a magnetic stripe or chip reader, a receipt printer, and a touch screen. Some solutions also offer barcode scanners.

Another advantage of the universal payment terminal is the thin and small size of the device. If your rack space is limited, a sensible design of the all-in-one android pos terminal may come in handy.

A universal terminal is often easier to use than more traditional payment solutions. Employees can usually manage all operations from a single screen. And let’s not forget the lower long-term costs that a scalable universal terminal can offer you. Usually you don’t need to change your mind as it can grow with your company.

● Practice

● Space saving.

● Ease of use.

● Low costs.

Urovo makes payments easier than ever

Urovo android post terminal is a good choice for retailers looking for an easy-to-use payment system. Multifunctional POS terminals are available for both online and in-store payments and are ideal when you need an omni channel solution.

Let’s take a closer look at some Urovo solutions that you can choose according to your needs!