Unique Flower Arrangement Ideas For Women’s Day Celebration

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You cannot disagree that women are the strongest human beings in the world. Be it mentally or physically; you cannot beat the superpowers of a woman. However, they are being suppressed for years in their community, office, home, society, and even by their fathers, brothers, and husbands. Imagine a world without any gender biases or inequality. So, to respect women who have achieved milestones despite all these inequalities, international women’s day is celebrated every year on 8th March. 

On this day, people give gifts to important women to embrace their beauty and strength. So, if you too are one of them, you must know that the price of your gift would not matter as much as your efforts would matter to them. If you are confused about what to gift them this women’s day, flowers are the perfect fit. Flowers are appropriate for every woman of your life, be it your mother, sister, grandmother, wife, or girlfriend. 

Listed below are a few flower arrangements which you must try this women’s day to make your loved one feel special. 

Flower Arrangement Ideas

This article will suggest a few flower arrangement ideas for women’s day that can be easily available in any Gaylord florist shop. If you want to buy fresh flowers, you may visit Rosemary floral at rosemaryandpepperflowerco.com.

#1 Roses

Roses have a variety of colors, and they can always make women happy. You may gift a yellow, purple, or orange rose to your mother or sister. If you are gifting it to your girlfriend, a pink or red rose bouquet is perfect. 

#2 Pastel shaded Flowers combined with red Roses

Roses with a pastel tint are a current fad. It will make your bouquet more visually appealing. Furthermore, if your partner prefers pastel colors, this is an excellent choice. Many popular flowers, such as Dahlia, Gerbera, Statice, and others, are pastel colors. If you can’t find them, you may substitute pale pink roses.

#3 White Carnations and Roses

Carnations and roses are a great combination together. Their contrasting shade makes the bouquet bright and eye-catching. You can choose the color of the rose as per your preference, and you can pair it up with carnation to get a perfect look. 

#4  Roses With Gypsophila

This is a very popular combination available in almost every flower shop in Gaylord. The roses seem to float on the cloud of Gypsophila when combined. This is a very elegant and classy choice for any occasion. It is a perfect women’s day gift for your girlfriend. 

However, make sure that your girlfriend is not allergic to Gypsophila, as they have tiny pores that can get into the nose and cause allergies. If you want these flowers delivered directly to your girlfriend’s house, you can contact Rosemary florals for flower delivery Lewiston.

#5 Bouquet Of Roses, Lisianthuses, and Hydrangeas

Roses, Lisianthuses, and Hydrangeas are feminine flowers and can do well in a bouquet. This is the best choice for those who don’t like typical red bouquets. You can use any color roses with Lisianthuses and hydrangeas of lighter shades like pink or lavender. This cute color combination will win your girlfriend’s heart. 

In fact, if you want to gift this to your mother on women’s day or even search for Mother’s Day Flowers Delivery Gaylord MI or Florists in Gaylord Mi, these flowers from Rosemary florals are the best option. 


The combinations mentioned above are popular options for Women’s Day and Mother’s Day Flowers in Lewiston. If you don’t know what flower to gift to the ladies of your life, you can choose anyone from the above list. However, you can also make your own customized bouquet according to your woman’s preference and surprise them on women’s day.