Unique Design Ideas for Restaurant Tables


A good restaurant is defined by its impeccable menu, amazing interiors and good seating space that offers a leisurely experience to the people visiting your restaurant. There are various facts to consider when you are choosing restaurant tables. Of course, the design and style are the first things that come to your mind. Think about what types of style do you want to achieve. Do you want to achieve a vintage and traditional rustic look, or do you want to give a contemporary and modern look?

Apart from that, you have to look at your menu and the food served can require more or less space on your table.

The other thing to consider is allocating the tables and chairs to give a unique overall look to your restaurant while also saving every inch of space.

Amazing table designs for your restaurant

If these are some of the considerations you have in your mind when you are about to buy restaurant tables, then you might consider the following ideas-

The classic booth

The classic booth is a traditional setting that you can choose your restaurant’s overall outlay and design. It is generally a good option for QSR-type restaurants and where people want to spend some quality time together with their friends and family.

The table as such does not have an area to move around. But there is one thing about these restaurant tables: you cannot miss out on the large amount of legroom space you get.

Apart from this, you can also get nice privacy since the seats are arranged linearly, and the sofa chairs indeed provide full comfort. It’s one of the nicest places to go with your friends and family on the weekend and spend some lazy time.

Picnic style banquet table

The large rectangular tables are quite distinctive, and you can easily find out picnic-style banquet-type tables. These are a very good option for accommodating the larger parties.

Of course, once again here the more emphasis is given on a simple and look. You generally get them again in small cafes, bars, QSRs, and some casual diners.

The larger rectangular tables and the long chairs give it a perfect look where you can spend some good time with your friends. It’s just the place where people will have some basic food items such as tea, coffee, wine, cola, and fast food.

High top tables and stools

The high-top restaurant tables can indeed help people from all walks of life, such as colleagues, friends, college mates, and others, to socialize and discuss or have some idea-sharing.

These tables offer you maximum flexibility such that people can easily join in or leave out.

It’s best for the street side and rooftop or garden-type cafes offering some good quality tea, coffee, beverage, wine, and some basic fast food items. Not the place where you would want to provide a full-on heavy lunch or dinner menu.

Some basic ideas on how to choose the best restaurant tables

Make sure to accommodate various parties

You need to mandatorily ponder on has various sized tables to fit in all types of parties. Whether it’s a couple or an eight people team who want to have a table, your restaurant should have the best accommodation tables for all.

Look at the floor space

Of course, you got to outlay and have the framework of your restaurant design to know how to save each inch of floor space. For example, the corners are good for rectangular or square tables, while you want to have circular tables at the centre only.


We have discussed some of the common table design options and important features you need to consider while finalizing the table for your restaurant. Good interiors coupled with comfortable furniture create a perfect restaurant ambience. Hence you must choose the table wisely.