Uninterruptible Power Supplies – Indispensable Protection for All Electronic Devices

uninterruptible power supply

We have been selling custom-made systems consisting of computer software and hardware for many years. During this time, the manager never let the systems fail without UPS. His confidence in them was total. If you have something important to do with your computer, your system must be able to… That’s good enough because, without it, no computer system is safe from a power problem.

An uninterruptible power supply can literally save your computer’s life. Imagine a thunderstorm that knocks out the power without warning, even if it’s only for a minute. It can cause your desktop system to lose the work it did for that hour, without saving it. But that’s not all. The damage to your machine is not only physical but also psychological.

The most harmful form of electricity that can flow through household appliances (computers, televisions, etc.) is a small voltage fluctuation, called a brownout. You know… When everything slows down. If you use an electric shaver or electric blender, you may hear the motor slow down. This type of power outage can cause serious problems with your computer’s hard drive. When the voltage drops, the speed of the hard drive also slows down and there may be dead spots in the data that is being written at that time.

While surge protectors are good for protecting devices from power surges, they can’t do anything if the power drops or a complete power failure occurs. We once had a customer who left our company with a system and a surge protector, simply because his boss told him to. He called us about two months later and was very angry. Then there was a thunderstorm near the office and, indeed, lightning struck the building.

An electrical shock went through the wiring and destroyed the inverter I had purchased. My boss asked me if my computer was broken, and I said, “No, it’s not broken. My boss then said, “So the UPS worked as intended, right?” And it did. The man went downstairs and grabbed two more uninterruptible power supplies, plus a spare just in case. Try also: Top APC Smart UPS

UPSs provide extra power to protect devices and data when the power grid is overloaded. It also ensures that in the event of an unexpected power outage, you’ll have enough time to properly shut down your work. It’s a good idea to protect your audio and video devices (or any other valuable electronic devices) in the same way. This will extend the life of your devices and give you peace of mind.

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