Uncover the 5 best features of Virtual Number for businesses in India

Virtual Number for businesses in India

 Virtual numbers are cloud-based numbers that businesses can use for routing incoming customer calls as per customer requirements to any designated department or agent. A virtual call number helps a business to expand its services in and around the country. Virtual call numbers are very essential for startups in the techno-centric world where communication based on technology is the key to boosting a business. A virtual number is a telephonic number without any physical existence that encourages business for seamless communication with any part of the globe. Businesses in India have been growing user of virtual Indian number that helps them to grow irrespective of the size of the business. The five best features of Virtual Number for businesses in India are as follows:

  1. Multi-channel platform: Virtual number offers a single platform that covers multiple channels that including email, Facebook, social media, television, etc. Leveraging multiple channels allow the business to interact with their customers across multiple touchpoints for a better comprehensive campaign. Businesses with a virtual number can use the number in all the channels that would make them more accessible to the customers. A virtual Indian number helps a business in India to use the number as a brand image to generate leads.
  2. 24×7 supports: A virtual call number can be used at any given time of the day as they offer round-the-clock service for customer communication. It helps businesses to expand their services in and around the globe as customers can reach the business with differences in time zones and yet avail needed services. Calls can be easily routed to the agents available and also to experts for specific concerns. Thus, a virtual Indian number can help a business in India to easily expand and get more customers while reducing barriers to communication.
  3. Customized service: Virtual call numbers allow customized solutions with quick deployment on the cloud.  This is beneficial for both, the customers and the agents. It reduces customers’ wait time, as they can easily reach to avail their specific service of the business. Meanwhile, it is less time-consuming for the agent as well.
  4. CRM integration: Integrating CRM with virtual numbers helps in tracking the customer calls efficiently, it creates a database of all the clients and customers along with the information of calls and services. This recorded database helps a business in future reference and also to track a customer in no time. A virtual mobile number in India can help a business to easily record customer calls and profile with authentication that reduces the time of the agents of recording, profile verification, etc. The call records can also be used for marketing research and to train employees for service delivery.
  5. Economical and secure: It is just a few steps set up that any business can easily execute. A virtual mobile number in India helps businesses of small and medium sizes to be tech-savvy, create their brand image, and also expand their businesses. It does not need infrastructural expenses or any other economical expanses. A virtual number ensures customer privacy and zero information shares by masking the caller’s number. It provides privacy by hiding the customer and agent’s call details during a live call. It encourages ethical respect and confidence in communication.

Businesses with a virtual mobile number in India can experience a higher conversion rate, easily identify and authenticate quality leads, and provide round-the-clock services. A virtual mobile number offers real-time data insights of the recorded calls of the customers. The services are easily scalable and do not require any additional charges, ensuring economic benefits to the business. Knowlarity is one of the leading cloud-based service providers of Virtual mobile numbers in India.

It offers a virtual mobile number India free demo that helps businesses to choose different features that would be beneficial for customer service. Along with different features of virtual numbers, virtual mobile number India free numbers is another feature that attracts more customers. The feature allows more leads as customers can easily get in touch with the business free of cost. Investing in a virtual mobile number India free service is one of the best investments for a business as it accelerates profits and business expansion.