Ultimate Recipe To Make The Japanese A5 Wagyu Hamburger


If you love hamburgers but have never tasted Wagyu cheeseburger, your taste buds are in for an immense loss.

You can savor the distinct taste of a  wagyu hamburger by making them for yourself and your family. 

Go in for A5 Wagyu while making your meal since it’s the best amongst all the graded kinds of beef present in the market. When cooked properly, it simply melts in your mouth. It is also very tender to chew onto.

Japanese A5 Wagyu Hamburgers are enriched with proteins and are therefore very good for your health. 

You can have a look at the recipe below:

Pick The Sirloin Part Of The Beef

Sirloin, the top part of the cow’s back, is delicious and hence the apt portion from which you should make the central portion of your Wagyu cheeseburger.

Convert The Beef Into Smaller Chunks

With the help of a grinder, transform the cut portion of beef into smaller portions. Instead, you can also use a knife to cut the beef into tiny pieces.

Make Balls Out Of The Ground Meat

Form medium-sized balls out of the meat. You should make sure that the balls are not too tight because that will make the burgers tough to be chewed on.

Smoothen The Balls To Make Patties

When you have made the beef balls, compress the balls to make flat patties. Press the center of each patty with your thumb to ensure that it remains flat throughout the process of cooking.

Add A Dash Of Salt To Both Sides Of The Patties

Put some salt and pepper onto each side of the patty, and your seasoning is done. 

Put Oil On Your Grill

Use a paper towel held together by tongs to apply cooking oil to the grate of the grill.

Cook Both Sides Of The Patty

Place the Patty on the grill and wait for four minutes so that it can cook. Don’t press the patty with tongs. Instead, simply flip the patty over and allow it to be cooked for four more minutes.

Add A Slice Of Cheddar Cheese On Top Of Your Patty

The Cheddar Cheese has its tangy flavor, and when it is placed on top of a wagyu beef patty, it enhances its taste.

Place Buns On Top And Bottom Of Your Patty

You are now to place buns on top and bottom of your patty, allowing the cheese to get sandwiched in between them.

Have A Bite!

Take a bite from your burger and get engulfed in taste and texture. You now have a snack that everyone will love. Your parties and get-togethers are sorted in terms of deciding on a starter. Wagyu Fillet are very simple to make and easy to devour. You have a good recipe up your sleeve now!