Types Of Trucks Used In Construction Sites

dumper truck at industrial constrution site waiting for the earth load from excavator

Trucks are vehicles that can be used for various purposes. They are utilized in different industries mainly to assist with transporting different things. One industry where they are frequently used is construction.

Construction projects use trucks to do different tasks, including transporting materials in and out of the job site. They are an integral part of the execution and completion of construction projects because they speed up the process with their capabilities that meet the maximum requirements of construction sites. In addition, without trucks, workers would have a tougher time erecting buildings and building infrastructure.

Trucks come in different types and sizes depending on the purpose they are meant to serve. You may see different truck types at construction sites depending on the project. Read all about them in this blog.

Dump trucks

A dump truck is used for dumping debris out of construction sites and transporting materials where they are needed in one. A typical dump truck has an open-box bed hinged at the rear. It’s equipped with hydraulic rams for lifting it upward to deposit its cargo at the delivery site.

Dump trucks come in different types and configurations, each designed for different applications. The different types include hi-rail dump trucks used in railway projects and site dumpers used in low capacity and compact operations. You can learn about the different dump truck tire types on Triangle Tires to know which ones you should use to maximize their usage.

Concrete mixer trucks

Mixer trucks mix different components to make concrete and transport it to construction sites. They are equipped with mixing drums at their rear, where materials are loaded and mixed to form concrete. The mixing can occur while the truck is on its way to the job site, where the truck maintains the liquid state of materials until delivery.

The mixing drum rotates to charge and discharge concrete. It has chutes that guide the concrete out of the drum during direct application. If the truck cannot get close enough to the site to use the chutes, the concrete can be discharged into a concrete pump connected to a flexible hose or onto a conveyor belt.

Industrial trucks

An industrial truck is used to move materials over various paths and areas where flow volume is insufficient. It gives construction sites flexibility in movement that cranes and conveyors cannot because they have no restrictions on the area they can cover. You can characterize different types of industrial trucks by various features, including whether or not it has forks for handling pallets.

Manipulator trucks

A manipulator truck is a truck with a mounted hydraulic manipulator. It’s predominantly used for excavation and lifting applications at construction sites. In addition, its also used for handling heavy materials in the forest industry due to its rugged nature and superior power density.

Besides the construction and forest industry, manipulator trucks are also utilized in pharmaceuticals, adhesives, and tire industries. For instance, mounted hydraulic manipulators are used for palletizing bags of packaged products for shipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Water trucks

A water truck is designed to collect and spray water. It’s used in construction to moisturize rock or soil being worked on by other machinery. It also minimizes the impact of dust at construction sites.

Water trucks are usually handled by trained professionals to avoid inflicting unnecessary water damage to construction sites.

Final word

These trucks help with the construction of projects and maintain a safe construction site for workers. Use them well to ensure the completion of your project and the safety of your workers.