Types of Skateboard Grip Tape


The grip tape is the essential material for the performance of your skateboard. The custom grip tape skateboard has an adhesive coating on one side and a gritty surface on the other side of the tape. The granular or gritty surface provide control to the skater and they can move the skateboard according to their will, there are different type so skateboard tape in the market, how you can select the tape, it all depends upon your requirement:

In this article, we are discussing various types of skateboard tape:

Different types of grip types: There are different types of grip tape, we can figure out three types of grip tapes, we are discussing one by one:

The standard grip tape: 

The standard grip tape is used by most of the skaters, these tapes are simply used for the purpose of providing maximum control of the skateboarder. The grit level of the tape is slightly different by different brands, some provide a higher level of the grit but this is also damaging for the skating shoes, so selecting the most appropriate grit and sandy granular is best for the skater. 

The Jess up grip tape has a lower level of grip as compared to the Mob Grip, so it all depends upon your requirement. The standard grip tapes are widely used around the world now these tapes are coming in transparent coloring, which is great for the design of your skateboard. You can adjust them according to the length and width of your skateboard.

The specialized grip tape: 

Some of the companies also offer specialized grip tape, the specialized versions of the grip tape are for a particular purpose. The user knows a particular brand is providing the specialized grip tape, so they use the higher grit level according to their requirement. These types of specialized tapes can be used for particular events, where you need more control over your skateboard. 

The grit of the specialized tape makes it more expensive as compared to the standard level of the tape, which is less expensive as compared to the specialized grip tape. You can also purchase different qualities of the grip tape from the online shops, and with discounted offers.

Non-abrasive grip tape: 

The non-abrasive grip tape has become popular, this type of tape is recently introduced in the market. Skateboarders are fond of the Non-abrasive grip tape, as they have the same benefits but do not damage your skateboard shoes. The Non-abrasive grip tape is available in online shops. 

This is the new technology in the marketplace, so it is more expensive than the old technology, but its benefits are too much as compared to its price. The non-abrasive tape formula is similar to the material found on the rubber of the ping pong paddles. 

These tapes provide the same level of friction produced by the standard grip tape, by the composition of its formula, but the technology used in the non-abrasive tape is environment friendly as compared to standard tape. This can be great for your skating experience.