Types of irrigation water pumps for sale in Kenya

irrigation water pumps for sale in Kenya
irrigation water pumps for sale in Kenya

Are you an agronomist? Have you been looking for a water pump that will serve you better? Well, the article will provide you with different irrigation pumps available in the Kenyan market. This article will assist you in deciding when you finally take the step to make the purchase. I hope this article will give you the help you require. 

What is Irrigation?

Irrigation is providing water to agricultural products in a controlled manner on a farm. We use irrigation in areas where rainfall is minimal and food production is low or non-existent. Irrigation is not only confined to dry areas, areas that have seen a decline in rainfall recently also benefit a lot from irrigation. 

Irrigation systems

There are different irrigation water pumps for sale in Kenya. We can classify them under surface pumps and submersible pumps.

Surface Irrigation pumps

We may further classify surface water pumps into;

  • Electric Pumps

They are small cheap pumps that use an AC and pump low water volumes. They are very suitable for small farms and domestic use.

The major disadvantage is that off-grid farmers cannot use them. 

  • Generator pumps

The generator pump is the most widely used pump by a farmer from small, medium to large-scale farmers. The principal reason for their popularity is their mobility, availability in many outlets countrywide, and their cost. They are further categorized into;

  • Petrol pumps and,
  • Diesel pumps

Both diesel and petrol pumps are further categorized into;

  • Low water volume-high and low pressure
  • High water volume-high and low pressure

The prices of the generator pumps range from Kes 45,000.00 to Kes 85,000.00 in the market for the low water volume pump to the high-water volume pump, respectively. 

  • Solar Pumps

As the name suggests, they use sunlight as a source of energy and power. They are low water volume pumps that are used to pump water from rivers and shallow wells. The solar pumps only require a single panel that supplies 200–280 kilowatts. 

They are best suited for flat tracts of agricultural land where additional water pressure is required. They are also instrumental in drip irrigation, where small amounts of water are required for the crops. 

Submersible irrigation pumps

These are pumps designed and submerged into water. They then pump the water to the surface, which is then transferred to the irrigation pipes. 

The submersible water pumps available in Kenya are;

  • Electric

They are powered using electricity. Electric submersible water pumps are suitable to pump water from deep boreholes. The electric submersible pumps are then further categorized into three-phase and single-phase pumps. The three-phase power pumps consume a sizeable amount of electricity, and the single-phase power pumps consume small amounts of electricity. 

They, however, cannot be used in areas that are not connected to the grid.

  • Solar

Solar panels power the solar submersible irrigation pumps. Just like the electric submersible, we also categorize irrigation pumps into three-phase and single-phase pumps. 

The initial cost of solar water pumps may be quite high because of the requirements such as solar panels. The solar-powered irrigation pumps can be used in areas away from the primary grid and receive good hours of sunlight.