Types of Engagement Rings: How Many Are There?

Type of Engagement Ring Style - 2022

Engagement Ring Styles Trends for 2022

Are you ready for a roundup of names? Well, if you want to declare eternal love to your soul mate, you will also have to overcome this obstacle and view all types of possible Engagement Rings trends for 2022. Now let’s focus on the forms of engagement rings, and then continue with the types of precious stones that can be set:

Solitaire Ring: Who does not know solitaire? Even the most disinterested person in fashion and the world of weddings will know what it is. The most widespread and amanthus, the solitaire engagement ring has very specific characteristics. That is, it is composed of a single diamond mounted on a metal band. 

Solitaire Diamond Ring, Solitaire Ring, Solitaire diamond Engagement Ring

The meaning? One stone, one love. How can you resist this declaration of pure romance? The stone used is, as we have said, the diamond while the band can be in white gold or platinum. A classic ring with undisputed elegance, which can be worn for a lifetime and with all outfits. Can we consider it a guaranteed success? Are you looking for simple single diamond ring? We recommended best option for you, you can choose our 1 Carat Round Solitaire Engagement Ring!!

Eternity Band (also called veretta or riviera): The name already says it all. Giving this ring as a gift means declaring eternal love. A white gold band studded with a line of gems, usually diamonds, but also sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. For those who love vintage or want to stand out in some way. 

Diamond Eternity Band, Diamond Band, Eternity Diamond Ring

Easier in its half-eternity mode, i.e. when the line of diamonds does not cover the whole of the ring but only the upper half. It is a ring that fascinates by its brightness and that can be combined. A bit like the solitaire and other rings that we will see later – with all personalities.

Pavé Diamond Ring:  A metal band where many precious stones or diamonds are placed close to each other until they cover the upper surface of the ring. 

Pavé Diamond Ring, Pavé Engagement Ring, Gemistone

A real challenge for jewelers, who have to focus entirely on patience and precision. The smoother and more compact the surface, the better set the diamonds are. 

Trilogy or Three Stone Diamond Ring:  Similar to the classic solitaire but, as the name indicates, with three smaller diamonds mounted on the metal band where, if desired, it is possible to add a line of smaller diamonds. 

Meghan Markle's Cushion Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring, Gemistone

This is also an elegant choice and especially suitable for those with thin and long fingers; but who knows if three diamonds are better than one? You can pick our Cushion Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring at Gemistone Jewelers. This ring feature is worn by Dutch of Sussex’s Wife Meghan Markle. And also called as this ring is Meghan Markle’s Three Stone Engagement Ring. 

Toi et Moi Ring:  Not very common, this Toi et Moi ring has a particular meaning due to its shape. These are two similar but not identical stones mounted in a mirror, close but not touching, symbolizing the two components of the couple, different but always united. 

Toi et Moi Engagement Ring, Emily Ratajkowski Engagement Ring

A bold choice with a story behind it. Did you know that Napoleon gave this type of ring to his wife Josephine, with the phrase “You and I, forever” engraved inside?

Halo Diamond Ring: Let’s start the glitz. The halo engagement ring does not suit everyone as it is very flashy. A ring composed of a diamond, or another stone, enriched with a crown of smaller stones or diamonds all around. 

Diamond Halo Ring

If desired, on the upper half of the metal band it is possible to add a line of stones or diamonds. Which certainly increases the visual impact of an already important ring even more.

Precious Stones for Engagement Rings

The diamond, as we know, is the most popular precious stone when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, but certainly not the only one. Depending on the meaning you want to communicate and the personality of your loved one. It would be advisable to opt for another stone such as a ruby, a sapphire, or an emerald.

Meaning of Precious Stones:-

Let’s find out the meaning of each precious stone together and understand better how to choose the perfect engagement ring:

Diamond: Giving a diamond as an engagement ring means communicating a strong and lasting feeling of love, indissoluble over time. If you know with certainty that your choice will fall on this type of gemstone. Read our article dedicated to diamond rings.

Sapphire: Deep blue, it symbolizes fidelity, a love therefore based on respect;

Emerald: From the green color, one senses that the meaning is that of hope; but for what? For an eternal love of course;

Ruby: The color of passion and a burning love over time.

Aquamarine: This stone, in addition to being very elegant, symbolizes the idea of ​​a happy and lasting marriage. If you love aquamarine or the blue color in general, do not miss the article on engagement rings with blue stones.

Opal – The symbol of the most sincere love.

Beryl: The strong union that exists in the couple, the symbol of an indissoluble bond.

To learn about other types of gems, read our gemstone manual.

Engagement ring Diamond Cuts:

Engagement ring Diamond Cuts

To make things even more complicated, know that it will not be enough for you to choose the type of stone and the type of setting! You will also need to identify the right cut of the diamond or gemstone you have opted for. Listing all the cuts would be quite long and perhaps boring, but talking about the most important ones will certainly be useful. 

But be careful; get help from an expert jeweler because this choice is the most difficult: the cut of a gem affects its value. As it is precisely the cut that determines the color that the stone will restore to the eye of the beholder, its luster. If you think, in fact, of the precious stones just found. You will think of pieces of rock with a dull and dusty color: only once cut will they release their true color. 

When it comes to gems you must also consider how much light they will reflect. An aspect that only a true expert will be able to juggle without problems. In general, here are the most common cuts:

Diamond Cuts:

Round or Brilliant: One of the most popular shapes, the round one, is used for diamonds and solitaires in particular. This cut is made up of 58 facets, aimed at giving off an extraordinary light to the stone.

Oval: The oldest cut, with 56 facets, which symbolizes balance. As the name shows, its shape is more elongated, giving a larger visual effect to the gem than the round cut;

Pear or Drop Cut: Drop a cut that is often used for earrings or necklaces, but which also gives elegance to rings. Perhaps a less youthful but still fascinating form Gemistone Jewelers; Toi et Moi Pear Moissanite Diamond Engagement Ring.

Marquise: a name that takes us back in history. It seems that in the 18th century, Louis XV, king of France, gave his beloved a ring that recalled the shape of her lips. The result is an oval cut with two tips at the end to symbolize the corners of the mouth, an emblem of style and refinement!

Heart:  A cut for young and romantic couples, the heart cut is one of the most complicated to make. It varies from 56 to 58 facets but, let’s face it, as sweet as it is, maybe it’s not the right cut for all personalities; Heart cut aquamarine engagement ring.

Emerald: Rectangular with slightly rounded corners, it infuses less brilliance than the brilliant cut since it has from 50 to 58 facets, but its width highlights the purity of the stone. It symbolizes the most absolute refinement.

Princess: a square or rectangular cut with well-defined corners. The facets range from 57 to 76, so we are talking about very bright and perfect gems for a marriage proposal.

Radiant: Square shape with rounded corners, the radiant cut has from 62 to 70 facets, an aspect that makes it – together with the princess cut – the brightest piety of all.

Advice on How to Choose the Engagement Ring

Given this bold choice, we feel obliged to give you some advice so as not to make mistakes or, in any case, to feel calmer. Which type of ring to choose according to the tastes of your better half? Could you love a solitaire or a veretta more? Should you be accompanied by someone? And what is the best time to make the marriage proposal? Read on for all the answers.

Which Engagement Ring to Choose?

Which Ring to Choose

As we have already explained, when choosing the engagement ring you will immerse yourself in an ocean of possibilities. In the period preceding the proposal, it will be necessary to carefully observe the style of jewelry that your partner generally wears. 

Have you never noticed? It’s time to start! Your taste and the meaning you want to give to the ring will also play a key role. If in general, you don’t like colored gems, opt for the classicism of a diamond. A suitable choice even in case of insurmountable doubts.

And then, do we want to talk about trends? Fashions inevitably affect our outfits. Do you remember when we put on low-rise pants? Or when did we start that horrible fashion of safety pins to shrink jeans? Well, the jewels are no exception. 

Indeed, a diamond is forever, but it is equally true that yellow gold for engagement rings is probably a little outdated, at least for most people. How to understand something? Read up on information, browse magazines, browse the web images and read our articles to know everything about engagement rings!

But have you ever heard of engagement rings? An alternative, to the ring or an extra symbol to give to your soulmate? Read our article on bands to find out more!

Who is to be Accompanied for the Choice of the Ring?

First of all, yes, especially if you are in doubt, have someone accompany you. In case you are indecisive by nature, a good jeweler will not be enough to clear the clouds of your confusion! The best option is to be accompanied by a loved one to your other half, be it a sister, a brother, a best friend or friend. 

I recommend, in case you choose a family member, do not choose the one with whom your partner or partner has some problems. To give a concrete and rather a common example, in the event you notice some friction with the mother-in-law do not let your mother accompany you! 

If she or he found out well, not everyone would be thrilled! After all, it is a moment to dedicate body and soul to our partner, so make him feel important, the center of attention in all respects.

When is the Engagement ring Given as a Gift?

There is no right date to give the engagement ring as a gift. We can tell you: when you are ready to take the plunge. We ask for the hand of our soul mate because we want to spend our whole life with her. Not because someone pushes us to do it or to forge ahead. 

Important! How to make the marriage proposal? This aspect is certainly not to be underestimated and is based on the personality of the partner. Do you love being the center of attention and maybe would like a dramatic proposal? 

Or on the contrary, is he a reserved person who would like to spend this romantic moment alone and only with you? In case you need some ideas, we recommend that you read our article on original marriage proposals. 

Which Finger to put it on?

The engagement ring goes on the left ring finger, as does the wedding band. On the day of the wedding, then, the ring can be moved to the right ring finger to make room for the faith. However, today it is very common to see both wedding rings and rings worn on the same finger.

For more tips on the world of engagement rings or promise ring, click here Promise Rings!!

Engagement Ring Size: How to Choose It?

Ring Size, How to Find Your Ring Size Accurately at Home, How To Measurements Ring Size At home

To be true pros in choosing an engagement ring, it is not enough to identify the shape of the stone or the type of setting. Nor to know in depth the personality of those who will receive this gift. The physiognomy of the hands is also fundamental because some ring shapes will be more or less enhanced. 

For example, is the person you are giving the ring to very petite and has very thin hands? Perhaps opting for an emerald cut – rather majestic – could be the wrong choice. To find out more about the subject, we invite you to read our article on how to choose the engagement ring based on the shape of the hand.

And what about the how to measurement ring size at home? How many centimeters will the right circumference be? There are several ways to avoid mistakes, first of all, of stealing a ring from your partner’s jewelry drawer. But it is not the only one; there are others much more creative. To learn more, do not miss the article on how to guess the size of the engagement ring. The time has come to hit the sore spot. 

How much Do you Cost me for an Engagement Ring? 

As it is understandable, various factors determine the price of an engagement ring, first of all, the choice of the stone or stones. Both from the point of view of quantity but in particular from that of quality. Sure you’ve heard of carats, but what are they? The carat is the unit of measurement of the weight of the gems. Which are evaluated based on their weight and not their size.

It is plausible to think that the greater the number of carats, the greater the value and cost of the ring. Wrong! Generally speaking, a single 1 carat diamond worth much more than for example 15 smaller stones which have an overall weight of 1.5 carats. Because? Because the single largest and heaviest stones – from carat upwards – are also the rarest and therefore the most expensive.

But what else affects the cost of the ring? All the information in our article on how much an engagement ring costs.

We hope we have shed some light on such an important topic as choosing the engagement ring. But if you are still afraid of making a mistake, read our article on the rules you never imagined breaking when choosing a ring. 

It may help you make one of the most important and meaningful decisions of your life! We are sure that it will be a success and that you will make a great impression. Not only for the ring you purchased but for the love you feel and for the effort you put into proposing.