TV Mounting Brackets


So you went out and bought that new flat screen tv. Now the question is how am I going to place the new television in your great room, kitchen or bedroom. The fact that LCD, plasma and LED tv’s are so thin makes your options how to place them more complex. With the old CRT televisions, it was very obvious. Find something to sit it on!

Choosing the right manner to mount your LCD or LED television is dependent on a number of factors.

  • Are you going to hang it on a wall?
  • Do you need the television screen to move positions?
  • What is the size and weight of the tv?
  • What room are you going to put it in?
  • What type if surface (drywall, brick, tile) are you attaching the bracket too?

There are a number of web stores that provide several different types of tv mounting brackets. Some of the mounting brackets are prepared to show your tv at a certain angle. Maybe you want the bracket to show your hdtv at several angles. Many of the brands are reliable for the size and weight of your television, while others may be to fragile tor your tv. Some brackets are designed to attach best to drywall, while others will work best when attaching the television above your fireplace. On word of caution about fireplace mounting. If you use your fireplace often, you need to consider the heat coming of the fire and the damage that could do to your expensive new HDTV.

There are brackets that let you move your hdtv side to side or upand down to suit your needs. These articulating mounts are the most flexible and are in great demand. There are also the more standard mounts you see in the stores which just have one fixed location. They allow you to hang the television much the same way you would a picture. The upside of the fixed tv mounting bracket is durability and also cost. Of course the obvious downfall is if you want to turn the tv to a different position you can’t. I know in my living room the sun comes in during the afternoon and creates a glare on the LCD screen. By having the HDTV on an articulating bracket mount, i am able to change the angle of the LCD screen to remove the glare.

When it comes down to the final decision for your tv mounting bracket, the factors of course are cost, ease of installation, durability, and the maneuverability of your hdtv. With this in mind, I am sure you can find the television mounting bracket with the feutures you need for the cost that you want. My one recommendation would be not to skimp on the quality of the mount. Maybe you want to consider hiring tv wall mount installation service to install the tv mounting bracket. After all, you spent a fair amount of money on the new HDTV and the worst thing to happen would be an inferior installation of the mounting bracket!

I hope I helped out in some small way. Thanks and have a blessed day!