True Hemp Wraps


The word “True” is used for True Hemp Wraps because they are based on 100% pure hemp, without the emulsion of any kind of chemicals like tobacco and nicotine. That means True Hemp Wraps are providing you a healthy way of smoking with wraps. You may call True Hemp Wraps a natural even slow burn having the quality of traditional smoke. True Hemp Wraps are presented with 6 delightful flavors. These Wraps are available in a resalable zip pack that maintains the quality of wraps. One box has 25 packs and 1 pack contains 2 wraps.

True Hemp Wraps are 100% pure Hemp:

In this modern era where 100% pure organic food becomes a question, True Hemp Wraps take its great part by providing a pure source of smoke taking the traditional slow-burning taste with smooth flavors. 

True Hemp Wraps got Popularity:

With the passage of time, True Hemp Wraps has made its place prominent among other wraps available in the market. Infect The True Hemp Company first introduce the Wraps only in California, then it got fame all over the world because of its unique traditional taste. Online marketing made them more popular and make them possible in the reach of the people of any country. 

True Hemp Wraps present versatile Flavors:

With the traditional slow-burning features, True Hemp Wraps has delightful tastes. They offer the following tastes;

True Hemp Banana Wraps;

The Wraps have the quality to produce a smooth velvety smoking experience. True Hemp banana Wraps produce the flavor of banana candy, in each hit you may enjoy the full taste of delicate taste. Here is described product information of Banana;

Package Dimensions:   7.2 x 4.8 x 2.2 x inches; 4.8 Ounces

Item Weight:                  4.8 Ounce

Manufacturer:               True Hemp

True Hemp Honey Wraps:

Because of the true attachment with the old tradition of slow-burning, true Hemp Wraps are available in Honey taste sweet taste, and smell. The basic qualities of the True Hemp Honey Wraps are;

1.       Flavor:         Honey

2.       Content:      2 Cones per pack

3.       Content display:       25 packs

4.       Length:                       108 mm (king size)

5.       Width:                         53 mm

6.       Kind of blunt:             hemp Wraps

7.       Brand Royal Blunts

True Hemp Mango Wraps:

True Hemp Mango Wraps fully present a juicy and delicious taste of mango in each hit. While smoking you may enjoy the taste of fully ripe mangoes.

1.   2 x hemp blunt wraps by True Hemp

2.   Mango Flavor

3.   Totally tobacco free

4.    Made from organic hemp

5.    Slow burning

True Hemp Wraps Sticky Gelato:

These Wraps have a unique stander and mouthwatering taste. The wraps have the following features;

1.  All natural organic hemp

2.  Tobacco-free

3. Non-MGO

4.  Slower burning

5.  Includes biodegradable sticks to keep the wraps from creasing

6.   Made in Mexico

7.   7 per pack

True Hemp Wraps Russian Cream:

True Hemp Wraps have the feature of pure organic with the taste of Russian Cream. The Wraps have the following features;

1.  Flavor:   Russian Cream

2.  Made from organic hemp

3.  Tobacco-free

4. Non-GMO

5.  2 wraps per pack

6.  25 packs per box

True Hemp Wraps are free of Artificial Chemicals:

True Hemp Wraps totally avoid artificial chemical materials in the making process of wraps. The hemp that is used in making True Hemp Wraps are grown totally under special observation. During their growth period, there is no use of any kind of artificial material. Hemp is grown fully in a purely natural environment. They have the following features;


True Hemp Wraps are grown with traditional love. So, there is no use of any kind of modern artificial techniques and materials. They are Non-GMO and fully organic.


True Hemp Wraps are presented taking the concept of health consciousness. As tobacco is not good for the lungs, so True Hemp Wraps totally ignore the harmful tobacco.

Nicotine Free;

True Hemp Wraps are pure as they are totally free of nicotine. 

True Hemp Wraps are Easy to Use:

True Hemp Wraps are very convenient for smoking to carry. As wraps are apparently in their form easy, they are very ideal for rolling tight for the purpose of burning blunts. Apparently, they are presented in a very easy way in a pack. So you may carry them easily and can bring them anywhere. The great quality of True Hemp Wraps is that they produce ashes minimal so, you may experience smoking anywhere. There are also resealable pouches in each pack to keep the wraps fresh. 

To conclude the discussion, we may say without any hesitation that to fulfill the smoking experience, True Hemp Wraps are a safe and sound way of smoking. As they may be used in a convenient way and full of delightful smell and taste. They are very suitable for health-conscious people.