Trendy Hair Styles of 2022


Hairstyles have influenced expression and defined decades. Cindy Crawford’s 90s-styled blowout was a trendsetter, to say the least. Her look has survived MySpace and Vine. The question to ponder is which hair styles will be this year’s favorite? Styling hair in Sandy in 2022 is a great idea because this year offers a variety of hairstyles, including curls, waves, and coils. Below are some trendy looks that you can achieve at Bloom Studios in Sandy, with a modern twist.

First and foremost, The Shag This super-layered hair cut is an ongoing trend. Seen all over TikTok, this look combines the best parts of a mullet and fringe haircut into one. This look can be worn with or without bangs and works well with textured hair! We highly recommend this look to our clients with long hair. The fringe gives off a cool, low-maintenance vibe and really brings out the best in natural hair texture and styling.

Second, the look loved by many or hated by most is The Fringe. Although they are not as popular as they once were, this look is a statement piece. Think of it as an accessory. If done correctly, this look will turn heads when you step into any room. Sandy is reintroducing fringes and styling them in new ways, such as bottleneck, curtain, and asymmetric bangs. Have fun with bangs! Consider soft and textured bangs blunt or side-swept bangs for your future hair styling.

The Improved Rachel Cut This iconic 90s style look is inspired by the one and only Rachel from the popular tv show Friends. If you’ve never heard or seen an episode of friends, then you probably live under a rock, or you hate laughing and having a good time because this show does just that. It makes you laugh and cry, especially when it comes to Ross and Rachel’s extraneous relationship. With that being said, Rachel’s hair styling goes through many looks throughout the span of the series. But the one most asked for in a salon was the mid-length sleek hair on season 6. Well, this look is back! Sandy can create this look by blow-drying your layered hair with a barrel brush and then pinning the sections with rollers.

The voluminous blowout  You’ve probably seen a tutorial on how to blow out your hair using the Dyson Air Wrap. If not, check out the nearly 983.6M views to date of TikTok videos that use the hashtag #dysonairwrap. But, heat protectant is not being given as much attention. Styling professionals say protecting your hair with products is crucial to maintaining any hairstyle. Call Bloom Studios in Sandy today to change up your styling methods with an expert’s help! Bloom Studios in Sandy is a full service hair salon. Take your trendsetter ideas to a stylist and change up your look this Spring. Top-rated hair styling methods!