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Rule number one when packing for a trip is to pack light luggage, as you often forget how often you need to lift and carry your luggage during the trip. Think about how to slide your luggage in the trunk of your car, through the Logan airport, out of the baggage carousel, in another airport, in the trunk of your airport limo car service and again until you finally arrive. . Hope they have a porter at the hotel.

For hand baggage and checked baggage, airlines have strict rules regarding the size, weight and number of bags that can be carried, in addition to the need to carry baggage. Be sure to check the airline’s website for the latest information on restrictions. What you took the last time may not be allowed this time, especially if you are traveling with another airline. Baggage size and weight limits may vary by airline and travel destination.

  • Travel tips to save money *

Packing lights for your trip can save you money. Many airlines now charge for check-in for overweight, oversized and overly acceptable baggage per passenger.

Other major reasons for light packaging: reduced waiting time around the baggage carousel, less need for porters (and tips!), And easier customs control (after all, you have to force the bag to close) If so, better to seal the bag). Imagine how happy customs would be! )

Travel tips for packing hand luggage

Your carry-on baggage should include all of the most valuable items and important documents, including:

Or your wallet

Or your passport

Or your ticket

Or your traveler’s check

o Your emergency medical travel insurance

o Your medicine (must be in the original bottle)

o Telephone number and address of the accommodation

o A small amount of local currency that can be used immediately upon arrival

o Once you arrive, the card you need to reach your place of stay

o If you need to carry valuables such as jewelry, carry-on is the safest baggage, but keep it at home if possible.

Travel tips for packing your checked baggage

The following tips will help you keep your luggage light and leave enough space to pack up souvenirs when you return.

o Check if your location offers laundry services or if there are any facilities available. This is one of the biggest tips for lightweight packaging.

o You can coordinate and combine costumes around the center color.

o Plan your outfit so you can layer it up instead of bringing a lot of coats.

o Keep your body warm by wearing a solid sweater that goes well with any outfit.

o Why pack rain gear when there is no rain anywhere in the forecast? You can check the weather forecast online and pack the right clothes for the weather without wasting space on what you don’t need.

o Rolling clothes instead of folding them helps prevent wrinkles and maximizes limited space.

o Instead of a huge bottle, take a small sample of a durable toiletry product.

o Don’t waste your luggage space. Put your underwear and socks in your shoes. It also helps your shoes keep their shape. Place the belt on the edge of your luggage.

Tips for the last trip

Although already mentioned as one of the carry-on bags to keep in your carry-on baggage, emergency travel medical insurance is a must for all Canadians. Even the Canadian Consular Office is not clearing the bushes when it says “Don’t leave Canada without additional health insurance” on its website.

Even in the event of a minor accident or the most common illness, Emergency Travel Health Insurance offers protection by making sure you get the care you need, when you need it, without worrying about how to pay for emergency care.

Before you go, get a travel emergency medical insurance quote online from a competing insurance company and get the coverage you need. And don’t forget to pack it with other essentials!

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