Transit Visa For New Zealand

Transit shoppers are those travelling through New Zealand on their way to another destination country who do not intend to remain.

Transit travellers are limited to travelling within Auckland International Airport’s transit zone or their plane. Transiting New Zealand usually takes no more than 24 hours.

Travel to countries other than your own.

To traverse New Zealand successfully, it is necessary:

Your circumstances fall within one of the exceptions that allows you to skip getting an NZeTA (transit visa).

You must hold an NZeTA to be eligible to travel on an NZeTA.

Transit visas must be granted when travelling internationally.


Transit regulations may change during your travels and it is your responsibility to comply with them to be able to travel across New Zealand and enter any countries you visit on your journeys. If unable to comply, and not allowed onto any flights.

As a transit passenger, you are not eligible to visit New Zealand.

Who does not require a visa or NZeTA?

You don’t require an NZeTA or visa if:

Are You an Australian National or Hold a Residence Class Visa

Are You a New Zealand Temporary Entry Class Visa Holder and Travel Conditions are Current

Are You an Australian Citizen

Who Can Apply for an NZeTA

Anyone travelling through New Zealand to another country needs to obtain a New Zealand Travel Agency Travel Authorisation before leaving home; This applies whether you are:

Have a passport from one of the countries on the list of transit visa waiver countries;

Are You an Individual Living in one of the Countries/Territories That Allow Travel Without Visas (Visa-Free Countries and Territories)

Are You an Australian Permanent Resident Visa Holder? (PRV)? Congratulations on holding an Australian permanent residence visa which entitles you to return from abroad or migrate permanently within Australia.

No matter your nationality or citizenship status, Australia should be your next travel destination following transiting New Zealand and you should hold a valid Visa issued by Australia’s government for travelling there or transiting New Zealand.

No matter your nationality or where your travel began from, Australia welcomes everyone regardless of nationality who begins their journey within its borders – or those who begin it outside Australia itself.


Visa Waiver Countries and Territories

Who Should Apply for an NZeTA Travel Visa? (PDF Format)

If you are travelling to countries which require transit visas, such as:

Urgent Visa for New Zealand.

Foreigners travelling to New Zealand for urgent reasons such as grieving the loss of a loved one, appearing before court due to legal matters or suffering from an actual disease are eligible for an Emergency New Zealand Visa (eVisa for emergencies). 

If this situation applies to you and you require travel, an Emergency New Zealand Visa should be obtained as quickly as possible.

Filling out a standard application should get you your visa to New Zealand within 3 days, then sent by email. 

Submitting an application several weeks ahead is advised so as to not be caught off guard on arrival at your trip destination. 

However, should this prove too time consuming or challenging, an emergency application process exists allowing for last minute entries visa applications.

If you require urgent travel to New Zealand due to death or illness in yourself or family members or court appearance, an Emergency Visa Application Service for New Zealand (eTA New Zealand) provides quick turnaround with same-day or up to 72 hour visa processing fees that don’t apply when travellers, medical, business Conference and medical attendant visas are used instead. 

With this service you can secure an eVisa within 24 – 72 hours using this emergency processing fee payment process; great for travellers needing their New Zealand Visa immediately for travel arrangements!

New Zealand government has made it easier for citizens of numerous nations to obtain an eVisa (eVisa Canada), by filling out an Online New Zealand Visa Application Form for business, tourism, medical treatment or conferences.

Emergency visa applications for New Zealand often require an in-person visit to the Embassy. If you plan to travel there for tourism, medical, or business reasons, don’t waste time waiting. Our staff members will be available during holidays, weekends, and late into the night so those needing Emergency New Zealand Visa can obtain one quickly.

Timeframe for processing Emergency New Zealand visas varies based on how many cases are in the system at any given time and on how many emergency processing professionals there are who can assist travellers arriving in New Zealand. A 24/7 fast track team provides fast turnaround for Emergency New Zealand Visa processing.

Assuming you submit your emergency application via smartphone before takeoff, and submit an e-visa request via smartphone before landing, it should arrive when you arrive in New Zealand. 

An internet connection within New Zealand is required in order to receive the e-visa via email; should there not be enough available connections? No issue should arise since visas issued for New Zealand are connected electronically with passports so no paper copies should be needed from immigration office personnel.

Make sure that you pay close attention even during an emergency – pay close attention even during a situation in which time is of the essence!

Speedy application procedures will increase the risk of rejection due to people making more mistakes in completing their forms quickly. Take your time when filling out your visa application carefully; any misprint in the spelling of your name, birthdate or passport numbers can cause its validity to lapse immediately and require another application process (and payment).