Trailers: Your Friend for Travelling


In Australia, the market for backcountry trailers has grown tremendously in the last decade. Where once just a few firms provided off road trailers of all shapes and sizes, there is now an extensive and ever-expanding collection of enterprises. Overlanders, in particular, appear to be suffering from trailer fever, with many expressing a desire for one only because it is “the thing to have.” Ultimately, whether or not a travel trailer is a wise purchase depends entirely on your preferences.

It all comes down to how you want to travel. To a large extent, the areas you prefer to visit, the number of people you’ll be taking, the equipment you want to carry, and the speed at which you travel all influence whether or not a trailer is beneficial to your trip. We’ve listed the top advantages of utilising a trailer to help potential owners make an informed decision. Hopefully, they’ll assist you in deciding whether or not to buy.

The benefits of living in a travel trailer instead of a house on wheels

They increase available storage space.

If you have a Jeep TJ and want to take your wife camping, you’ll have a very restricted storage room. There’s not enough room for two kids or a dog when they’re added to the mix. When you need more storage space, a trailer may be parked at home and provided when you don’t.

Cargo-type off-road trailers are the best option as long as the payload can resist the trailer’s robust tub. Even if you’re only doing some landscaping or construction work on the weekend, you’ll be able to tote all you need in one of these boxes. So go ahead and pack that extra-large and extra-comfy chair, throw in your favourite hammock, load up those fishing rods, and enjoy the destination when you get there. When it comes to vacations, the tiny details may make or break the experience.

They can improve the quality of life and the amount of space available in a home.

A storm shelter, a location to change clothes, or a place to hang out with friends late at night? The kids could need a bit more room, or you might want to be far away from them. Adding a trailer to your car might give more room and comfort when upgrading your vehicle isn’t enough.

Most of the So-Cal Teardrop models contain a thick mattress and sturdy walls. We can also add a fully equipped kitchen, a hot shower, a propane heater, and a sound system. For example, the Eezi-Awn Globetrotter has a thicker mattress and more space in the annexe than typical rooftop tents. Additional room and convenience may make all the difference on lengthy road journeys, especially when the weather is terrible.

They lighten the vehicle’s load.

Glamping is a common practice among overlanders. Despite how much we’d love to bring along our plush recliners, high-end cookware, and a wide selection of locally brewed beer, all of that stuff has to go somewhere. 

A trailer is an option if you don’t want to give up your gear to address the problem. Removes the vehicle’s weight and replaces it with a lesser tongue weight, often no more than 250 pounds. While you’re still towing it behind you, the vehicle is relieved of the stress, allowing it to operate more like a stock car.