Traditional Experiences of Events in Philadelphia You Shouldn’t Miss.

events in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a place that is surrounded by festivals and traditions throughout the year. Celebrations like classic light shows, ice skating rinks, theatrical productions, and more keep making this place a must-visit destination. Among the beautiful events in Philadelphia, travelers should not miss any part of it, from Macy’s Christmas Light Show to the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade. The best thing about these festivals is that they have been around for more than 25 years. Some are even 50 years old. That is why the residents give so much importance to these festivals. If you are visiting Philadelphia any time soon, read this blog to ensure that you don’t skip anything. 

Holiday lights in Philadelphia Neighborhoods

The whole city shines bright when the attractions are covered with lights in glowing traditions. Both new and old festivals light up the entire city and offer a scenic view of the attractions. Families and other visitors love to move towards the City of Brotherly Love to experience popular holiday light attractions. One of them is Macy’s Christmas Light Show, which has been a tradition since 1956. However, since then, many events in Philadelphia have been born and become a tradition. They include Miracle on South 13th Street, Franklin Square Holiday Festival, Deck the Hall Light Show, and more. 

Classic Holiday Shows and Performances 

The performing art venues in Philadelphia are filled with seasonal performances during the holidays every year. There are delightful performances that you should not miss. One of the popular venues- the Grand Avenue of Arts, hosts many shows, including The Nutcracker, The Philadelphia Orchestra holiday songs, performances by The Philly POPS, and more special holiday performances. These performances depend on the holiday and are diverse. You can experience live music in Philadelphia to classic ballet shows, and more. 

Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

The country’s oldest Thanksgiving Parade is a remarkable experience to get on a visit to Philadelphia. This has been a tradition in the nation for over 100 years, and it opens the curtains of celebration every year. The travelers stand around the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for the yearly celebration that hosts fantastical floats, Disney characters, marching bands, a group of clowns, and the Clauses. The Thanksgiving Parade is among the top events in Philadelphia that draw spectators from all around the world. The dates may vary based on the time you are visiting. 

Holiday Attractions at City Hall

The City Hall and Dilworth Park of Philadelphia have become the spot for holiday celebrations for the past few years. These venues feature some of the city’s most popular winter attractions.

The glowing winter wonderland includes the cozy Rothman Orthopaedics Cabin, Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink, the evergreen-filled Wintergarden, and the Deck The Hall Light Show. Apart from the live events in Philadelphia, the Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market allows every shopper to get unique and creative holiday gifts. The visitors can enjoy a merry-go-round in the courtyard and many other adventures at the Visit Philly Holiday Tree. 

Christmas Village at Love Park

Christmas in Philadelphia seems alive only on the arrival of Christmas Village in Love Park. The celebration features over 80 wooden stalls of local and international sellers selling wintry apparel, handmade toys, Kathe Wohlfart trimmings, and all kinds of drinkable and edible treats. Moreover, there is a 27-foot tall gift box called The Present covered in 10000 red and white lights where visitors can also make donations. There is also a gift shop inside The Present. The City Hall has more to offer like the Ferris Wheel and more. 

Travelers looking for attractions in Philadelphia more than the regular experiences should explore its traditions. The celebrations are filled with lights, foods, adventures, performances, and more. From live music in Philadelphia to other performances, Philly is a whole pack of experiences.