Top Ways To Download Songs From SoundCloud


If you’ve been a SoundCloud fan for a while and have a list of musicians that you follow and listen to, it makes sense that you’re looking for ways to unplug all that music. Fortunately, you have a few options to consider.

SoundCloud has its own premium subscription plans called Go and Go +, priced at $ 4.99 and $ 9.99 respectively. With Go, you can listen to music without ads and the ability to download unlimited tracks uploaded by users to SoundCloud through the SoundCloud app. With Go +, you get the same benefits, plus higher quality audio and access to all licensed music on top (i.e. similar to Spotify or Apple Music). Part of your subscription fee also goes towards supporting music creators, so it seems like a good thing overall Soundcloud Downloader.

However, what the official SoundCloud subscription does not offer you is the ability to convert SoundCloud to MP3, so you can freely use and modify the music you want on any device. Instead, you can search for downloads available from the creators themselves or request downloads from them privately.

Alternatively, you can use various SoundCloud downloaders. We should mention that obtaining officially licensed music in this way would be considered illegal in most jurisdictions, so only download songs from SoundCloud that are actually offered for free.

So let’s dive into each way to download from SoundCloud in more detail.