Top Tips For Starting A Business Podcast 


Starting a podcast for your business can be a smart move and will benefit your company in a handful of ways. A podcast can help you to increase brand awareness, demonstrate your value, and attract new customers to your business (among a range of other benefits). It is not as simple as turning on a microphone and talking for an hour or so, though, and you need to know how to find success with a podcast for your business. With this in mind, here are a few tips for starting a business podcast that should help you to find success and enjoy the wide-ranging benefits that follow. 

Research The Competition

Like when starting a new business, you should first spend some time researching the competition. Listen to the podcasts that your competitors are making and pay close attention to what works well and what their listeners like about it. To find success with your podcast, you need to build on what works for them while also finding ways to differentiate yourself and find a gap in the market.

Know Your Target Market

Similarly, you need to have a strong understanding of your target market before you start writing for the podcast. Listening to a podcast is a commitment, so you need to make sure that yours will be valuable and entertaining to your target market. You need to know the demographic of your target market, what their wants, needs, and interests are, and then create a podcast that will appeal specifically to this group.

Create Detailed Plans

The hard work involved in a podcast is all in the preparation. You need to have a detailed and well-researched plan for each podcast episode to ensure that it runs smoothly and achieves its aim. Obviously, you do not want to simply be reading a script and there should be some natural conversations in there, but you need to have a plan in place to avoid a chaotic and unorganized podcast (nobody will tune in for this).

Encourage Participation

You also need to encourage participation to make the podcast engaging for your target market. There are a number of ways that you can do this, including taking phone calls, encouraging people to Tweet in, or by putting a comments box on the website so that people can start to participate in discussions. Making the podcast engaging will keep people coming back and could help to build a community.

Monetize The Show

Finally, it is a good idea to monetize the podcast. Starting and running a podcast can require a lot of hard work, so you want to make some money off the back of it, and this is possible with advertising. Libsyn has a podcast advertising solution that will work for you. You can opt-in and you get to decide what brand makes money off your podcast.

These tips should help you to develop a podcast that will prove to be popular and boost your business in a few different ways.