Top Tips For Keeping Your Workplace Clean


Around 77% of employees feel as though the disorganisation and mess of their workplace negatively affects their work productivity, with 53% saying that their motivation is also impacted by an unkempt and messy workplace. In order to maintain a professional and organised workplace, a lot of businesses spend a large amount of money keeping the space clean. 

However, if you are a small business, you might not have this kind of budget. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve productivity in the workplace or want to implement a healthier office space following the COVID pandemic, here are some top tips for keeping your workplace clean. 

Declutter Desks

We all know the saying “tidy desk, tidy mind”, but adopting this mindset in your workplace can help you and your employees stay motivated. Clearing the clutter from your desk will be a huge weight from your mind and the clear space can help you to prioritise and streamline your workload. Provide your employees with desk organisers, folders or drawers for them to keep their desks organised and tidy in their own way.

Maintain Shared Areas

Keeping shared areas and spaces clean and tidy is a must. Following the pandemic, people are now more cautious and aware of cleanliness and germs, so regular cleaning and sanitisation of these shared spaces and areas is a must. Corridors, hallways, shared kitchens and meeting rooms, toilets and elevators should be cleaned regularly throughout the day, with deep cleans once a week. 

In high touch point areas, disinfect these numerous times throughout the day and set up sanitiser stations in these areas to encourage your employees to clean their hands before touching. If you’re unable to dedicate the time to this type of cleaning, then look at enlisting the help of a specialist cleaning company who can come in and carry out covid-related cleans and decontaminations. 

Remove Rubbish Daily

Taking the rubbish out each day is a simple trick that you can do immediately and that will make a huge difference to your workplace. When left, rubbish can accumulate and this can then cause bacteria and germs to breed. Not only this, but rubbish left for prolonged periods of time can create bad odours, which will then make the workplace feel dirty. By getting into the habit of removing the rubbish at the end of each day, you’re not giving the rubbish the chance to spread odours and it makes the general office feel much cleaner. 

Don’t Eat At Your Desk

Not only is eating at your desk bad for productivity and workplace motivation, but it can also make your desk messy and unhygienic. Eating at your desk creates a mess of crumbs and can cause sticky spills. If you have an area where employees can eat their lunch or take their breaks, then you can minimise desk dirt and mess, whilst also providing your team with a space to relax and unwind during their lunch and breaks.