Top Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for Web Development Project


Top Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for Web Development Project

Ruby on Rails, Rails or simply RoR is still considered one of the best web development frameworks mostly because of being user-friendly, easy to code and understand while reducing development time to more or less 25%-to-40%. 

Ruby on Rails is also referred to as start-up technology because of rapid development, making it highly preferable for MVP. Still, why should you choose Ruby on Rails when there’re many other frameworks such as Flask, Django and gazillion others.

To convince you, there’re more than three-million websites powered by Rails including industry giants and known brands like Airbnb, Basecamp, Shopify, GitHub and many more. Let’s have a look at why Ruby on Rails is still a preferred web development framework.

Being an open-source, object-oriented programming language, more than 5,000 people have contributed to make it better in every way. Rails offer a readable-syntax that’s close to the native English language.

How RoR Works?

When running a web browser, three different types of files are processed; HTML, JavaScript and CSS in order to display on your screen what you actually see. A dedicated web server; that can be remote or even your personal computer, fetches these files to the browser. HTML combines content and web design elements, CSS adds uniqueness to the appearance of all these elements being a style sheet language, whereas JavaScript further adds interactive features to the HTML and CSS structures.

This web server delivers a combination of all three files either as static or from an application server which further leads to creation of dynamic files through programming languages like Ruby. A simple web application is a software programme that has been coded in Ruby and structured or organised using the Rails convention.

Ruby on Rails – Overview of the Architecture

The MVC architecture is the basis on which Rails is being designed. Modal View Controller is particularly a software design pattern for web applications that’s a combination of three parts namely:

  • Modal – It maintains the data and sits at the lowest level of the pattern
  • View – Just as the name implies, it’s accountable for displaying a section or all data to the users
  • Controller – The actual software code which bridges interaction between Modal and View

Applications of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is best known for development of powerful ecommerce platforms and online stores with cleaner interface, smooth and user-friendly browsing and super secure payment gateways.

The framework is also amazing for the creation of super-efficient stock marketing platforms and a highly preferred option for developing social networking websites.

Ruby on Rails is an excellent choice for non-standardised and complex projects. With its simple web development features and capability for creating SaaS-based digital solutions, it’s always the finest choice of professional developers.


  • Pocket-Friendly: As previously mentioned, Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework and from a development perspective, it’s extremely simple with some amazing features that saves plenty of time and cost.
  • Safe & Secure: The framework comes with preinstalled security measures which makes Rails one of the most preferred for software development, especially websites dealing with online transaction.
  • Scalability: Rails put both frontend and backend capabilities of software development to the best use. Take for instance a single web application at the backend can be coded with Rails while using another framework, like Angular at the frontend thus utilising capabilities of both at the best.
  • Productivity: Faster development in an effortless manner while combining additional benefits of third-party software libraries adds to the many amazing features.
  • Consistency: Keeping a project organised, streamlined and decipherable for developers is another pro feature since certain development standards and programming regulations must be followed.

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The RubyGems

It wouldn’t be overexaggerating to say that RubyGems is the reason what makes Rails a perfect and preferred framework. These are third-party apps which save a lot of software application development time. That said, these ‘gems’ are almost for everything such as integration of the payment gateway, testing and so much more. These plugins also come in handy to keep Rails upgraded to the latest version of the framework, thus giving your company or website an edge over competitors.

Huge Community

Open-source means the community of users and professional coders has to be at its highest. No wonder, GitHub manages one of the largest repositories of the framework; containing amazing plugins and resources, tools and techniques, tutorials as well as dedicated technical support based on the nature of the project. Expert web development agencies around the world collaborate on a particular project and web-based application using Ruby on Rails while generating highly innovative and technically smarter ideas for development.

Automated Testing Tools

Of-course, no software programme or web development solution can be passed without a quality assurance test. Even here, Rails offers easy testing solutions based on its unit_test library whereas third-party software testing programmes can also be integrated and run. This auto testing saves time in identifying common errors to perfect up the website application using simple commands.


In a fast-paced, tech-led and digitally-driven world where online competition has never been that fiercer, every smart web development company or even solo developers would prefer saving time and cost on a specific project. Ruby on Rails is perhaps the best bet when it comes to amazing websites, powerful security and simple interface that’s sure to win the game.