Top-rated Houston suburbs for small business owners

Texas flag, learn about the top-rated Houston suburbs for small business owners.

Picking a place to start a business is one of the things you should think about most. A terrible location will ruin your start-up fast and leave you with nothing. That is why you should select Houston as your new place of business. But you also have to worry about what neighborhood in Houston you should open a company. To help you, we have a list of top-rated Houston suburbs for small business owners. You will fall in love with these neighborhoods and decide that you need to buy a home in Texas

Why choose Houston as your new place of business 

There are many areas of Houston suitable for opening a business. Before we talk about them, let’s see what Houston can offer you. 

  • First, Houston is business-friendly because of Texas’s tax system. You will not have to pay corporate or income tax. Because of tax benefits, you, as the boss, will keep more of your money from the company. And your employees get to keep more of their salary and spend it around Houston. 
  • Second, Houston is very affordable. The cost of living in Houston is lower than the national average by 3.5%.
  • Third, the quality of life will increase. Because of the low cost of living and tax benefits, your quality of life will increase because you will not have to stress about money. Furthermore, it could improve productivity in the workspace. And if you want to improve even more productivity, install a quality HVAC system
  • Finally, most businesses lose a lot of money on commercial property. And sometimes high rent is the main reason why companies go down. Houston offers very affordable office space, and that is why you should choose one of the top-rated Houston suburbs for small business owners.
Skyscrapers in Houston, Texas.
With the benefits Houston offers, no wonder there are a plethora of top-rated Houston suburbs for small business owners.

If you like the benefits of Houston, you should move there. To make your relocation more comfortable, you need experts to help you. We can recommend State to State Move to assist with your move or explore other options in Texas. 

Top-rated Houston suburbs for small business owners – Katy 

The first neighborhood great for small companies is Katy. Katy is a suburb of Houston with about 29,000 residents. 

Even though Katy is part of the Houston Metropolitan area, it is more expensive than Houston. So if you are looking to rent out an office space there, you will have to pay a little more. However, multiple reasons make Katy suitable for small business owners. 

  • People in Katy earn more on average. Household income is around 73,865 dollars in Katy, while the average in America is 57,652 dollars. Starting a company in a wealthier place is a must because you need someone to spend money on your product and services. 
  •  The neighborhood is under the Katy Independent School District, which is rated highly. When families look to move, they look if the area has good schools for their kids. Because of highly-rated schools, many families flock to Katy. Families usually spend more money, but you need to cater your business to their needs. 
  • Finally, there are a lot of other companies in Katy with whom you can network and establish a business relationship. Some of the biggest businesses in Katy are Amazon (distribution center), Igloo Corporation, and Academy Sports and Outdoors.
Person holding 100 dollars bills.
Residents of Katy earn above average, making them more likely to support local small businesses.

Katy has many more benefits for business owners which you can explore when you move there. To help with your long-distance relocation to Katy, nearby pros can jump in and assist you. With experience on their side, getting you to Katy, where you can begin working on your business, will be nothing for them. 

Top-rated Houston suburbs for small business owners – The Woodlands

Another suburb in the great Houston area has a larger population than Katy, with 113,819 residents. The Woodlands is not better than Katy but is more suitable for local businesses. With a larger population, you can make a lot of money only working and selling to people local to the Woodlands. While in Katy, you might have to widen your net. 

Besides the large population, the Woodlands has a lot of office space you can rent for your business built in the 2000s. But because of the higher population, the cost of living in the Woodlands is high. So you will have to pay a lot more for office space, and your employees will have to spend more money on daily expenses. 

An office with gray tables.
You can get a great office space for your small company in the Woodlands.

Finally, office spaces in Woodlands are not empty but are occupied by many companies.

  • Anadarko Petroleum has two skyscrapers in Woodlands, which serve as their headquarters. 
  • Development and management company Howard Hughes Corporation has headquarters there, which they both from McDermott International.
  • And ExxonMobil also has a building there with 1,500 employees. 

In summary, the Woodlands is a good choice for small businesses because of its big population, and many large companies have their headquarters there. So if you want to be part of that economy, relocate to Woodlands. To make it stress-free, look for moving services in Houston

Two things to remember before opening a business 

Before you start your business endeavor, you need to do two things: 

  1. Make sure where you choose to open a small business in Houston, you conduct market research on the area. You can gather the market data yourself or let a professional help.;
  2. When the market research is complete, use it to create a business plan specifically for the suburb you decide to open your business in.

You are ready to open a business in Houston 

We told you why to choose Houston and what are the top-rated Houston suburbs for small business owners. The only thing you need to do is work on your dream small business in Houston.