Top Organizations using AI for Success: A Perspective

Organizations using AI for Success

During the lockdown blues when the COVID-19 pandemic postponed our plans and crushed the global economy by pushing us back into our homes for longer periods of time. Online businesses found a new way to pipeline their profits by connecting remotely with customers online, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence. AI is so real and human-like that sometimes even online shoppers availing online services don’t even realize that they’re interacting and making purchases through AI recommendations. 

Artificial Intelligence is the “emerging technology”, and almost 85% of Americans prefer using AI-recommended products.  From composing crispy-tailored bulk messages to streamlining the massive databases, AI development services catapulted many big and small businesses to reach their full potential.  AIs are more efficient than human beings, they face the cognition abilities of the human mind by working round the clock without uttering complaints or getting blown out. They neither sleep nor go on a break, and also reduce human errors which sound a great deal for many businesses of many sectors. However, this doesn’t mean that AI-based machines can do their jobs on their own – one needs to keep monitoring and reviewing the decisions and analysis made by AI for optimum results. This also means that new AI skills must be developed immensely to cater to the future needs of AI tech. 

From Amazon to Alibaba all the best tech sharks are in a headlong rush to improve their business efficiencies by pairing their interfaces with Artificial intelligence. These companies are spending a hell of a lot of funds on AI projects and serve real-time shopping experiences to their customers at their home comfort. Here are 5 of the best examples of how the world’s biggest tech giants are enjoying the juice of their success by using AI in practice- 


Alibaba is the world’s biggest e-commerce platform that is giving a head-on head clash to Amazon and eBay together. Alibaba uses AI that predicts what customers taste on the basis of their shopping and browsing history. Additionally, Alibaba is now into cloud computing. It is the Alibaba cloud that helps farmers to monitor crops that improve yield and saves money. 


Amazon is also ahead in the game of AI, the company has now paired its online shopping interfaces with Alexa, a digital voice assistant, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. AI is participating in various aspects of amazon workspaces. Amazon has come up with a unique way of shipping things to your doorstep before you even think of buying. Amazon’s AI is so human-like and intelligent, it learns about the customer’s buying habits and has such confidence to recommend and ship orders for their customers. 


Apple, one of the world’s biggest tech giant companies that sell electronic items, such as Apple watches, iPhones, and online services use AI and machine learning in their electronic products, like- Iphone’s face ID feature, smartwatch, smart speakers, and air pods, etc are powered with smart assistant Siri.  Apple is expanding their services with AI to serve better customer experience, for example- it recommend you songs, helps you to find a photo in the iCloud, and navigate you to your destination using maps. 


AI is the term that was around the corner in the company’s vision for a long period, which illustrates the organization’s focus is powering their actions with AI. They are massively inclining towards making their products and services central to smart systems, and interfaces, such as Bing, Skype, and Office 365.


Facebook is not at the forefront of making its social media platform enabled with Artificial intelligence. Facebook uses deep learning and AI to give structure to its unstructured data. The site also uses facial recognition which is better than humans. The technology is so good that it filters and removes images that are abusive, disturbing, and have bloodshed. 

How do machines turn into superhumans? 

But have you ever tried to Google your thoughts on what makes machines mimic human cognition abilities, such as act, interact, and predict future risks just like humans?  AI and the human brain have various striking similarities, they share the same abilities and qualities- but in reality, AI machines have out-faced human cognition abilities by storing, learning, and using massive amounts of databases to drive business processes.  The thing that makes AI, well, intelligent is the strong complex human brain like neuron networks that recreate human cognition ability in various systems and beverages. This calls for the need for AI engineers that train AI systems and interfaces to make better decisions, cut costs, and increase profits for the businesses. 

Everything you should know about AI professionals 

AI or ML (machine learning) engineers are the minds that specialize in a very wide-ranging top computer science that is Artificial intelligence. If you’ve not chosen AI Engineer as your career path then don’t scroll because this section holds some important pieces of information that will surely help in your journey to becoming a better AI professional. 

This job requires rooted knowledge of software development, language programming, data engineering, and data science. AI engineers utilize AI algorithms to build AI models that do tasks without being directed or under someone’s supervision. 

AI engineers are in charge of developing advanced AI-enabled systems or interfaces that can learn and provide valuable recommendations related to future risks that may have a large impact on the business. 

Apart from building and maintaining AI systems, there are other pertinent roles that AI professionals for the organization include the following- 

  • Training new AI networks 
  • Concept relation 
  • Collaborating with backend & frontend 
  • Keeping in touch with the quality of the entire system 
  • Productionization of AI networks 
  • Management and execution of projects 

AI is the budding skill of the future that needs better and skilled AI professionals for the nourishment and growth of AI-powered models and interfaces in the organization. This can only be achieved through certified and AI certifications, courses, or AI education programs to slingshot you towards a better future in the field of Artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Artificial intelligence certifications give you real-time exposure that can mirror your success and the amount of hard work that you have put in during the training program. 

As we have learned that AI is a set of different technologies that require detailed explanation. We have also learned about AI professionals, jobs, and responsibilities that require the best AI certifications for gaining proficiency in this field.