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Top Living Room Window Treatments to Enliven a Living Space

The living room is often the liveliest space of a house. It has to be warm and relaxing and should also have an extra decorative touch. The living space has to be a comfortable and cozy place where one can enjoy it to the fullest. Coziness and style can be added by purchasing the right furnishings and living room window treatments. The exact choice of window dressings greatly depends on the owner and the furnishing of the room.

Some prefer to have a formal look in their living space while others wish to create a more casual environment. A homeowner might want new window treatments so they can replace their old windows with energy efficient coverings or to update their old shades and blinds to bring more life to their living room. What kinds of window treatments should you choose? Here are a few options for your convenience:

Living Room Window Treatments

  • Roman Shades

Roman shades instantly add soft elegance to windows. From casual cotton to formal silk, these shades are available in diverse fabric options befitting the lifestyle and décor of any house. There are solid colors, diverse patterns and stripes in these shades. It is best to go for a motorized version or cordless Roman shades if you have kids at home. These shades offer the best of both worlds – they readily enliven a living room without creating a formal look. There are also options for customizing the shades by selecting the color and fabric according to one’s taste. Roman fabrics are usually decorative and hence, are sure to match the vibe of any room.

  • Shutters

Shutters provide the home with a grand look. Simple and stately, this window dressing looks beautiful from inside as well as from outside making them a popular living room window treatment. Shutters seem to double the architectural feature of a home and give a refined look to the living space. This is a window treatment that will never go out of style.

  • Drapery

When looking for a blend of functionality and style for  living room window treatments, drapery are the first choice. With a huge variety of patterns, colors and textures, draperies make for a fascinating window treatment. They act as a barrier between the outside temperature and the room, thereby keeping warm air inside. Draperies also mix well with other kinds of window treatments.