Top lead generation tools for agency owners


Meta description: Learn about lead generation tools and deploy the best for your agency to bring in more leads and generate better revenues. 

GB03 – Top lead generation tools for agency owners 

Generating leads is an essential and crucial part of increasing sales for most agency owners and marketers. Be it of any size, lead generation is a crucial aspect. It implies increasing brand awareness which is essential if you want your services to reach your target clients and audience. 

Finding the right tool for lead generation is a time-taking process, but it’s all worth it. You will have a better opportunity to be more selective with whom you would like to work and maximize your revenues. 

Table of contents: 

What is a good lead-generating tool? 

Various lead generating tools 

Lead data collection 

Email lookup tools 

Sales engagement platforms 

Social media forums 

Live chat software tools 

Lead generation tools for landing pages 

LinkedIn Automation 

Text messages marketing tools 

Insights into an automated lead generation 


PPC- Pay-per-click 
PPC or pay per click is one of the best ways to present your offer in front of the target audience. It shows your content to the people who might be interested in buying your product or service. When creating a PPC campaign for your business to generate more leads, you should also be cautious about click fraud to make sure all your marketing bucks are spent on valid clicks. 

All you want is a good lead generating tool!

A good lead generating tool should be –   

⦁ Easing your access to the work process 

⦁ Handy at customer service 

⦁ Helpful in bringing in insightful analytics 

⦁ At cost-effective business prices 

⦁ Enhancing the existing processes 

This should lead to a cost-effective and hassle-free lead generation with ease. You should always check the tools’ usability to use and share data through it on various platforms and websites. 

Also, an important aspect of going in for a lead-generating tool is its pricing, especially if you are at a beginning stage. Make sure you are availing of all the features that you need with the amount you are giving. Be aware that not all lead generation tools provide the same features. Over time, you may see limiting the features or a rise in the cost of their service to continue using them. 

To understand the pricing and details of the software, you should look into in-depth particulars, which also help you manage your expenses as your business develops. 

Various lead generating tools 

We see the increasing competition among different industries, insisting businesses rely on tools to produce leads from various channels. 

Let us look into some top lead-generating tools available in the online market. 

⦁ Lead data collection 

A visitor tracking app will let you track down the companies that have visited your website, other page visitors, the time they spent on your website, and many more. The best of them is Leadfeeder. It is designed for digital marketers to produce leads. 

⦁ Email lookup tools 

All you need to market your product is to develop your prospect list targeting the right customers. An email-finding platform that makes building prospect list easy is You can automate your email lists and gain engagement across multichannel platforms. It sources emails easily to enhance your marketing campaigns. 

⦁ Sales engagement platforms 

We have several sales engagement platforms and tools available today and an online market that can help your sales team. 

But if you are an agency owner managing many clients at once, then AirborneApp is the best choice. 

It allows you to manage your business’s workflow easily. You need to log in and get your work done with a few clicks. 

⦁ Social media forums 

A well-known and one of the leading search engines you can depend upon is Quora. It is a social media forum providing tremendous insights into every other topic. It is also an interactive platform where most people create awareness of a specific product, service, or a company, or in general, anything. The most exciting and helpful aspect of Quora is that it is beneficial for the present users/viewers and future visitors as well. 

⦁ Live chat software tools 

Engage with your prospects even when you are not present at the moment with Live chat. Note that most live chat software tools are found on one’s official website. Still, with the help of special software tools like OmniChat, you can construct live chats on multiple channels. 

⦁ Lead generation tools for landing pages 

Unbounce is a well-known landing page creator that gives you pre-built templates. It allows you to duplicate your most famous landing pages in bulk without wasting too much time. 

⦁ LinkedIn Automation 

Build connections, send email invites, and generate leads with LinkedHelper’s automation tools. All you need to do is combine your LinkedIn Sales Navigator with the LinkedIn Helper, and you are good to access many of its features which include: 

a. Developing target mail lists 

b. Constructing an auto-mailing system to other LinkedIn Group Members 

c. You will be able to receive various associates by sending invites personally to second and third contacts 

d. Enhancing your profile by automation of target associates 

⦁ Text messages marketing tool 

One of the highest rates of engagement among any other forms of media is SMS. Text message marketing is one of the most effective forms of lead generation. 

Using many technologies, you can better reach and engage with your audience in real-time. Your average response time in SMS is 90 seconds which is significantly faster than the average business email of 90 minutes. 

Automated lead generation: 

It is one of the most trending and must-haves in the present-day scenario. The most popular automated lead generation types are: 

⦁ Personalized user experiences 

Understand the way your prospect behaves! It drives enormous profits for your business. Personalized user interfaces are most likely to generate more leads. 

⦁ Using chatbots 

Chatbots are a must and a practical thing for customer service now! Instead of having someone constantly monitoring your messages or chatbots can provide immediate answers to specific pre-formatted questions. 

⦁ Automated emails 

Yes, email marketing is old and traditional, but it’s been here, and it will be here for more years. Luckily, email automation is live in practice, easing the lengthy process of sending emails, curating personalized messages, and addressing each concern. 

Email automation has brought custom-made email messages for different people without having to write them every time! 

In conclusion: 

Within the current competitive world of business and technology, it is necessary to maintain a lead generation tool. We want to tell you that it is unnecessary to stick to any tool or a traditional or automated technique to generate leads. You could try and experiment by using a mix of both to enhance and quicken up the process of lead generation. 

We hope you find this article helpful and feel free to leave your thoughts about it!


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