Top Factors You Need To Think About Before Buying The Right Chino Pant


One of the most types of pants, the chinos are a perfect amalgamation of comfort and durability. These pants are made of chino cloth and have been around for quite some time now.

Moreover, with the mens pants and trousers market growing steadily,  there is an onset of new chino styles and trends in the market. But this also means options will be abundant, and choosing the right pair of chino pants might be difficult.

But fret not. This article delves into the various factors you need to consider to purchase the perfect pair of chino pants. Read on to find out.

Factors to consider while buying men’s chinos

You should consider the following factors before buying:

1.     Colour

Initially, chinos were only available in two colours: beige and brown. But now, with the trouser market having evolved so much in the past five decades, these chinos are available in a wide variety of colours.

Moreover, since you can style these under almost anything, consider getting solid colours like black, navy blue, grey, etc. Chinos can be worn under everything from blazers to a shirt.

So, choose colours according to your style and wardrobe, and pull off each one with finesse.

2.     Fabric

As mentioned above, men’s chino pants are made out of chino cloth. But this chino cloth also has its own subclassifications and is available in various fabrics. For instance, the most commonly found chino pants are made out of a cotton-based variant of the chino cloth. The cotton is weaved through the cloth’s surface to create diagonal parallel ribs.

3.     Rise

Before we proceed, do you know what rise means?

Well, it is the distance measured from the crotch seam of pants to the top of the waistband.

For high-rise chino pants, this distance is greater. On the other hand, low-rise chinos have less distance between the areas mentioned above. So, choose a rise according to your taste.

4.     Belt loops

If you have a habit of wearing belts, check for belt loops while buying. These are the tiny loops present all around the upper waistband. These loops hold the belt together and ensure that your pants are secure.

In the absence of belt loops, you won’t be able to use a belt.

5.     Quality

The quality of the material and the overall pants is something you must make a note of while buying them. This is because you might spend a little less on cheaper pants, but it might cost you a lot more to replace them when they eventually get worn out.

They are more prone to tears, rips, colour fade, etc. Hence always consider getting high-quality chinos. They might be a little pricier but think of them as an investment for quality and extended life.

6.     Size

While buying chino pants for men, you must choose ones that fit you perfectly. Only then will they add significant style points to your overall look.

If these men’s pants are too tight, it will restrict movement. On the other hand, if they are a few sizes bigger, it looks quite baggy and unattractive.

There you have it, everything you need to know before buying yourself the perfect pair of chino pants. Keep all these factors in mind to cop a pair of chino pants that compliment your looks and overall men’s fashion sense.