Top 8 Trends in Software Testing and Quality Assurance


Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • What is Software Testing?
  • Methods of Software Testing
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Software Testing
  • What is Quality Assurance?
  • Methods of Quality Assurance
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Quality Assurance
  • Top 8 Trends in Software Testing and Quality Assurance to Follow in 2021
  • Conclusion

Nowadays, all businesses want to have a digital transformation to keep up with the growth in the online environments. But going digital is not as smooth and easy as it sounds. It comes with various security-related issues, as data theft from online systems has become a very common factor. Therefore, the pressure to create a digital market appearance and making your products available for a huge audience is a tedious task. Which brings software development teams into the picture.

Organizations hire excellent development companies that can not only take their business digital but can help them secure their software for various threats by offering amazing software testing and quality assurance services. They use the latest software testing trends to safeguard the software and provide quality to the users.

Here in this blog post, we will go through some current software testing trends that companies use to offer qualitative systems.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a simple and easy process that enables experts in software development companies to evaluate all the functions and features of the software. The intent of this process is to collect all the information of the software application and see to it that the software meets the client’s requirements. Testers are able to identify or detect the issues in the product and ensure that the system is bug-free to offer quality services. 

Methods of Software Testing

There are few methods of software testing and they are – 

  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Grey Box Testing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Software Testing

Advantages of Software Testing

  • Software Testing is cost-effective.
  • Testing offers security to all the important data of the software.
  • When testing is done right, it offers satisfaction to the clients.
  • The quality of the software is not sacrificed.

Disadvantages of Software Testing

  • Strategizing can be difficult when it comes to system testing.
  • Generally, the testing phase starts when all the components are good to go.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is a method that every development company follows to ensure that all the software development methods, processes, and activities are watched carefully. Besides, this process also assures that the development method complies perfectly against the specific standards. These principles can be one or a blend of the CMMI model, ISO 9000, and more.

Basically, software quality assurance is a very simple method that includes all the software processes from specifying system requirements to developing till its deployment. The main goal of quality assurance (QA) is to guarantee quality.

Methods of Quality Assurance

There are few popular methods of quality assurance and they are –

  • Code Inspection
  • Auditing
  • Simulation
  • Design Inspection
  • Six Sigma

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quality Assurance

Advantages of Quality Assurance

  • QA improves the controls of the system processes.
  • Increases the engagement of work.
  • Makes regular auditing way more smooth.
  • Creates a culture where collaboration and improvement keep ongoing.

Disadvantages of Quality Assurance

  • Software quality assurance is a very time-consuming process.
  • The initial cost of quality assurance is very high.

Top 8 Quality Assurance and Software Testing Trends to Follow in 2021

There are some of the most popular trends of software testing and software quality assurance that every app development company must follow in the year 2021.

Test Automation

With the use of website development becoming more and more popular, test automation has also become an integral part of the development process. Manual testing is a process that is way too slow and can become more excessive when there is higher demand in the software testing market. Because of this, software and mobile apps are being tested using automation. Nowadays, the majority of software development companies are using automated testing approaches to run various test cases.

Test automation enables the testing team to maximize the scalability of the process and run various tests using different test automation tools without any issues with coding. Because of such easy use and popularity, around 40% of the big enterprises are going to make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based automation by the year 2023 to increase the scalability and productivity of the software, says Gartner.

Basically, test automation is an amazing technique that enables the testing services providers to achieve greater and faster results by eliminating the usage of more time to market the product.

Performance Testing

The majority of software development companies want to create high-end systems, but wanting to do that requires a team that can focus on various elements like tech stack, the value of the business, usability, and cybersecurity. Besides, whenever the testing teams want to balance all these elements with the proper app user experience and market popularity, it can become a tedious and time taking process. Therefore, in today’s time, companies prefer to hire a dedicated team of quality assurance testers who can help in reducing the risk factor by eliminating the bugs at every segment of the software creation process.

Basically, performance testing is a process that serves as an option for norms that generally focus on the finished software and mobile applications.


DevOps is a very popular practice that includes gathering all the software operations and various app development teams that can easily develop an effective culture for testing and QA. Basically, DevOps is a simple culture that enables the test teams to use test coverage tricks very easily. This culture is a code deployment approach that enables significant coordination and collaboration between teams of the testing world while they accelerate the delivery protocol of the software system.

So, the DevOps approach doesn’t only help in ensuring system access but also enables users to put in effective feedback for quality software deployment.

IoT-specific Automated Testing

When it comes to software testing and its quality, one thing that every testing team takes care of is that all the segments of the software works and integrates with each other & sync perfectly. And for this, one of the best testing trends is the Internet of Things (IoT)-based automated tests. With the use of IoT-based testing tools, the QA engineers can ensure that all the software operations, communication protocols, and implementation of hardware in multiple devices are ready for delivery after syncing perfectly.

Combination of Manual and Automated Testing

One of the most commonly utilized software testing trends to merge the approaches of both automation testing and manual testing. This is one of the latest trends which enables the QA engineers to balance the testing in the correct manner.

Here, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps the software testing department to achieve great results in less time. Automation can also enable the handling of various tasks at once and with efficiency. On the other hand, manual software testing is a method that enables the testers to avoid all the bugs & errors with the use of test automation.When it comes to handling different aspects of the software while testing and QA, the use of manual testing solutions are a must.

Basically, testing automation can help in offering efficiency and speed to the process. And manual software testing can offer a unique design and user experience.

Data – The Most Important Aspect

When we hear the word security testing, we clearly know that it is done to protect all the important data of the company, its employees, and its clients. Data is one of the most essential aspects of any business and that is why testers use the latest methods like blockchain testing and big data testing to safeguard the documents and information of the business organization. As per a report by Statista, the revenue of Big Data and the data mining process will reach around 130 billion in 2021.

All the security testing companies use different frameworks and algorithms to have a perfect software testing process. This includes the use of unique testing tools. These tools use the concept of agile and DevOps for performance engineering. Besides, the quality software testing team comes up with different ways that can help in processing data into perfect insights by validating the Big Data against norms like consistency, accuracy, and duplication.

Integration Testing

Integration testing is one of the software testing trends that every software development company follows. It enables the software to run smoothly by integrating various mobile app components while testing them. The use of integration testing is to make sure that every module of the software is functioning effectively and is secure enough for the end-users to be worry-free.

Companies across the globe use integration testing as it offers a wide range of advantages like integrating corrupt modules, identifying the system process at the basic level for detecting problems, and more.

Regression Testing

In the list of 2021 software testing trends, regression testing is as important as the others. It is a unique and latest testing approach that the majority of the testing development firms use. This type of method is used when there are some changes made in the current system or when new and updated features are added. Here the testing automation team checks whether the system works perfectly after the new design changes or not.


As seen in this blog, there are many software testing trends that can help the development companies to safeguard their or their client’s system before and after the deployment. And testing is the most important aspect of the software development process, the demand for testing and QA experts is increasing with each passing day.

If you are a business owner who is looking for a digital transformation, then it is the best option to hire such a system development company that can offer agile and DevOps-based testing approaches. The experts of the hired firm must be aware of different types of system testing approaches like penetration testing, continuous testing, functional testing, and more.