Top 5 Places to Eat Beef Chili Dry in Lahore

beef chili dry restaurant

Chinese restaurants have a particular position in Pakistani eating culture, and considering the number of Chinese restaurants, it can be said that Chinese food is the second most popular cuisine after Pakistani food. Why not, because it’s cooked in our houses and Pak-China friendship is on? Given its popularity, Lahore has a plethora of Chinese restaurants, some of which are quite ancient and others that are quite new. But where do you go if you’re looking for good Beef Chili Dry in Lahore? Today we’d be telling you about the top 5 places to order and eat beef chili dry. Just type Beef food near me and these restaurants below will blow your mind with the variety of tastes available on their menu list.

Yum Chinese & Thai

We would start of our list with the most known restaurant in Lahore, Yum Chinese & Thai. Ever heard a group of friends talking about them? If not, relax we’d be telling you about it in detail. When YUM first opened its doors in 2010, it was a breath of new air, and it aided in the modernization of Chinese and Thai cuisine in Pakistan. It was far more accessible than restaurants in five-star hotels, and the food quality was outstanding. YUM is now one of Lahore’s most popular Chinese restaurants. Our favorites are the Chef’s Special Chicken and Singapore Noodles. They also provide duck, steak, and a range of seafood, including squids and lobster, as well as Thai cuisine if you’re craving Thai Green Curry.

X2 Pan Asian

X2, which opened shortly after YUM, was another welcome addition to the city’s contemporary Chinese eating scene. Wasabi Prawns in Ebi Mayo are something that constantly brings me back to X2. Ebi mayo is a delicious Japanese appetizer dip, and the tiger prawns in X2’s example are tossed in it before being served; it’s sweet and salty, but rich in texture, and it complements the batter-fried tiger prawns. Beef Chili Dry with X2’s Egg-Fried Rice and their signature Mint Margarita is another our favorite on the menu beef chili dry enthusiasts should note this down and visit the restaurant since they have the greatest one in Lahore, in our opinion.

Bamboo Union

Bamboo Union is a stylish, contemporary Chinese restaurant located just across from The Wok (formerly The Rice Bowl) in Mall 1. It has a modern-contemporary and sleek feel to it, rather than the conventional Pan Asian restaurant feeling. They did an excellent job with their interior design, particularly with the cozy couches and wrought iron lights. We enjoy that it is softly lit, as are many other Chinese restaurants, and that they haven’t changed that part of Chinese eating.

Our particular favorite dish is the Beef Chili Dry, which consists of thinly sliced beef strips that are fried and then tossed lavishly in a chili-based sauce. They also offer one of the greatest Lettuce Wraps with Wok-Fried Chicken, so if you’re looking for a quick bite, this is the place to go. Also, if you are not in the visit the eatery, just type beef food near me and Bamboo Union will be one of the best restaurants to appear.


When it comes to traditional Chinese restaurant decor, Dynasty excels! Because we, too, enjoy an old-school atmosphere now and again. The food, on the other hand, has always been excellent, and it remains one of Lahore’s greatest Chinese restaurants. The Dynasty experience is typically faultless, with some of Pakistan’s greatest chefs serving Chinese cuisine. Their Chicken Spring Rolls are among the greatest I’ve had in Lahore and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot of spring buns, so I can say with some authority (lol) that those rolls are bursting with flavor. Their Steamed Dumplings are also quite good. But the Twice Cooked Beef, which is wok-fried beef with capsicum, will always be mine and my father’s favorite dish on the menu.

Mandarin Kitchen

Mandarin Kitchen is one of the newest restaurants in the complex, having debuted only a year ago. They do, however, have a good staff of chefs, as seen by their meals. Sure, it’s a touch pricey, but then again, isn’t everything? There isn’t much to complain about, especially in terms of flavor, quality, and ambiance. I enjoy dining on their bottom floor since it puts me in close proximity to their kitchen, which is surrounded by glass. As a result, I get to witness all of the cooking, drama, and opera (as I like to call it) unfold; there’s a gradual build-up as the chefs prepare the food, which then jumps into their massive woks, ultimately climaxing as the massive flames erupt and change the food.

Beef chili dry has been a very famous dish in Lahore, since it has been introduced in the city. You don’t really have to wait for searching its recipe and cook, instead write beef food near me enjoying the list of food. This finishes our list of the 5 top Chinese restaurants in Lahore among which bamboo union is a must try. So, visit their website now!