Top 5 Ice Dam Solutions

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Ice dams are not to tolerate when it concerns damaging your roof. As per roof repair Santa Clarita professionals, the standing water of melted snow between the roof and ice dam or snow buildup has no way to except beneath shingles. As a result, your roof starts damaging and gets the issues of moisturized roof or leakage – a catalyst for mildew and rot. Don’t let ice dams affect your roof when you have the best solutions for ice dams removal.

Check out the top solutions for ice dam prevention and stop the standing water from entering your attic, insulation, and other interior components,

Chemical Ice Melter

When you want a quick solution for an ice dam, then the option of a chemical ice melter can provide a quick means to melt ice. Ice melting products like calcium chloride are usually used in this procedure. Keep the ice melt tablets on the ice dam or fill the sock with ice melt tablets and place it on the ice dam. 

Moreover, you should avoid using rock salt if you don’t want your shingles to get damaged, as it is suggested by the roof repair in Downey experts. 

Pros of chemical ice melter: Cheap

Cons of chemical ice melter: Can be corrosively proven to metal.


Nothing works like a wonder except steaming when choosing the best alternative solution for an ice dam. Steamer melts the ice effectively and quickly, giving you relief from ice dam issues. Buying a steamer may cost you more and take your time from your busy schedule. So, you can take the help of professionals who own steaming machines and take all responsibility on their shoulders to save your roof from ice dam consequences. You can contact them and enquire about the best solution according to your requirements.

Pros of Steaming: Effectively clearance of rigid ice dams.

Cons of Steaming: A bit costlier and requires a professional. 


Keep the roof temperature right and see no formation of ice dams on your roof anymore. The below freezing point of your roof internally melts the snow, and that water from melted snow further refreezes and forms the ice dams. To stop the reach of internal heat loss towards the roof, you need proper insulation or sealing of the attic. This solution can control the warm air in the living area to enter the attic. Therefore, there will be no melted snow, no water from it, no refreezing, and no ice dams. 

Attic Insulation solutions can involve:

Spray Foam


Blow-in Insulation

Pros of Insulation: Reduction in electricity bills

Cons of Insulation: NA


Let’s not leave any reason for your roof surface to get warmer. Proper insulation still has chances to get the internal heat to warm the roof. Still, the addition of ventilation and your already implemented insulation step can rid you of this problem. Ventilation will help allow heated air to escape the attic, will keep the roof cold, and don’t allow the ice dam formation.

Ventilation may involve:

A ridge vent at the top of the roof to exhaust warm air

Soffit vent under the eaves to penetrate cool air

Pros of Ventilation: Increase the lifespan of shingles

Cons of Ventilation: It cannot be possible for some roof types

Heat Cables

As the heat can be the top solution for melting ice dams, the heat cables can be used that generates the heat and make you get rid of rigid ice dams. To set up heat cables, you should call professionals, as they can do this job better. They will put it in a zig-zag form on the roof that you can switch on when you want to stop the building of ice dams. The best thing is heat cables turn themselves off automatically when the temperature increases. 

Pros of Heat Cables: Convenient

Cons of Heat Cables: Additional expense in the electricity cost

Don’t let the ice dams damage your roof, take action without any delay with the best suitable options. For any doubts and confusion, you can contact some roof replacement in Long Beach

specialists, as not every roof type is suitable for every solution of ice dams.