Top 4 trends in coworking spaces in 2021

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Top 4 trends in coworking spaces in 2021

The year is towards an end. Another year flew past just right away. But as it generally should be, we have things to look back to. This year was a trendsetter for at least two reasons- one, it was the year after the novel coronavirus struck the world, so it had to set the benchmark and restore the new ‘normalcy’. It would shape the future course of everything and anything in the post-pandemic world. And number two, because it brought with it loads of challenges and an anticipated threat of the more severe second and third wave. Thankfully, the latter did not actually happen. But yes, it is undeniable that it sets new trends. 

The expectation that coworking spaces might overnight go bankrupt was futile and illusionary. Because actually the opposite happened. Instead of concealing deeper behind the walls of their houses, people courageously faced for their livelihood. However, what is surprising this year is, like fast fashion, even trends in coworking spaces have changed. The ‘norms’ that were reinforced for years together have seen a change. The top 5 trends in coworking spaces in 2021 were as follows:-

Decentralization of shared office locales –

This can be discussed under two subheads. Number one, decentralisation of geographical areas. Gone are the days when metro cities were the only hubs of employment and professional networking. Now companies are in search of talent that is present even in the remotest of areas. Coworking spaces are now targeting tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Secondly, the commercial localities that created a higher cost for the shared spaces are now being replaced with choosing suburbia. This reduces the cost as well as creates a more spacious and tranquil and peaceful environment. 

Contact less coworking –

Before the pandemic, virtual working was only an added advantage. But the virus turned the tide. Virtual world became the means of existence. There was an increasing popularity of the virtual office. Coworking space in Bangalore is now providing an extra amenity that was previously uncommon. Not just tasks and assignments were done online, but also meetings, conferences are being taken up using technology. This contact less mode of coworking however did not affect the aura and essence of togetherness. Even extra curricular activities and recreational programmes were carried out using virtual support. 

Green coworking:-

A new trend that is catching pace in shared office space is a greener revolution, taking a  more eco friendly approach. The new fashion is that coworking spaces are infusing their interiors with more environment friendly and sustainable elements. This includes foliage, natural ventilation and banning plastic and disposable items. A better step is allowing pets and the amenity of pet care that allows pet parents to get their furry companions along rather than leaving them alone. Frondescence has proven many benefits for these spaces. Apart from boosting productivity and complimenting the ambience, it also pacifies the setting and acts as a stress buster. 

Hygiene and sanitisation standards-

Perhaps the most striking feature that has a clearly defining trend is increased awareness of safety and physical well being. The pandemic has taught us to count on our health as a gifted blessing and to keep it safe is definitely a shared responsibility. The plug and play offices are keen on repeatedly sanitising and disinfecting the common areas and maintaining social distancing. There is a ceiling on the number of occupants at any given time and unvaccinated individuals are denied entry. 

All in all, the entire coworking set up is developing. The paradigm shift is driven by both internal and external reasons, mostly because of competition and increasing health awareness. No matter what, development is beneficial for it contributes for the greater good. The year 2021 has marked an important year for the coworking sector as it has taken bigger strides towards setting new trends in shaping the social aspect of the professional life of people. Visit now for the best suited plug and play office tailored according to your needs.