The Top 4 Foot Myths

Let's de-bunk some of the most common foot myths!


Aren’t feet fascinating? From ancient wisdom to modern-day myths, there’s certainly no shortage of folklore surrounding our trusty pedestals. They say a good ol’ foot massage can induce labour; going barefoot is the secret to foot nirvana; and a regular toenail trim could make them grow faster than Usain Bolt!

But there’s no pussyfooting around it; Some of these foot myths are outright ridiculous. So, let’s kick off our shoes and stomp out these misconceptions with some myth debunking that’ll toe-tally knock your socks off.

1. Foot Massage Induces Labour

Ah, the magic touch (or so they say)! If you’ve ever sought a miracle to advance late pregnancy into exit strategy mode, you’ve likely heard the suggestion that a foot massage can induce labour.

Based on the ancient practice of acupressure massages, the idea is that by applying pressure to specific points on your feet, a practitioner can manipulate nerve and blood vessel pathways to the uterus, causing contractions to begin.

While anecdotally many swear this works, unfortunately studies have found there’s just not enough evidence to prove the stimulation of these acupuncture points does induce labour. Sorry, ladies!

2. Foot Pain is a Normal Part of Ageing

Find yourself groaning every time you stand up, blaming it on the inevitable rages of time? Well, it turns out foot pain isn’t an exclusive membership perk of the golden years.

There are many different reasons your feet could be causing you symptoms like aches and pains, stiffness, bunions, and poor circulation. For example, plantar fasciitis, one of the most common causes of heel pain, is actually caused by feet overuse, repetitive stress, or wearing poor fitting shoes.

While some wear and tear is inevitable as we age, podiatrists say foot pain is often preventable through use of proper footwear, good foot hygiene, and seeking professional treatment at the first sign of any pain.

3. Barefoot is Always Better

Most podiatrists would agree that some barefoot time is great for airing out your feet, increasing circulation, and strengthening the foot muscles. But there’s a time and a place!

While strolling on the beach sans shoes is delightful, for your everyday adventures your feet need a bit more protection. Dropping a hammer on your tootsies, stubbing your toe on the coffee table, or lodging Lego pieces in your arches isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time.

Footwear provides much-needed structural support, comfort, and protection for your feet. I mean, there are threats everywhere you look ranging from sharp objects to heat to pests and germs. There’s a very good reason humans started wearing sandals over 40,000 years ago!

4. Cutting Your Toenails Makes Them Grow Faster

Whilst it’s important to keep your toenails at a comfortable length to prevent ingrown nails and infections, there is no evidence that trimming them actually promotes nail growth. In fact, did you know toenails grow less than half as fast as their friend, the fingernail? At a measly 1.62mm per month!

Toenail growth is mostly impacted by your nutrition and general health. So, keep those clippers handy, but don’t expect a growth spurt. This one’s just another well-pedicured fairy tale!

So, there you have it, folks – the top 4 most common foot myths debunked. While a good story is always welcome, let it be accompanied by a commitment to the genuine well-being of our often-underappreciated soles.

Now go forth, put your best foot forward, and let the myths be the stuff of legends!