Top 3 Reasons by Maxwell Drever Affordable Housing Create a Better World to Live


A house does more than just provide shelter. It also protects and nurtures the people who live in it. Affordable housing provides a safe and comfortable place for the people where they can enhance their professional and personal development. 

As the United States is suffering from the affordable housing crisis, the process of developing more affordable homes should be prioritized by the Government. Affordable housing gives a chance to the people to re-imagine their future without worrying about the high-paying rent. Due to the increase in rent cost, the purchase of a new house has become almost impossible for millions of Americans. 

Here are the top 3 reasons why affordable housing creates a better world for people to live in. 

Affordable Housing Is Extremely Beneficial for People 

Access to affordable housing is very important for the development of kids. As per various studies, a poor quality house will affect the physical as well as mental health of the child. 

The National Low Income Housing Coalition said that poor housing structures are one of the most common causes of behavioral problems among low and middle-income children. 

However, the Government starts addressing the affordability of the house properly; they will be able to decrease the risks of poverty. Not to mention, it will increase economic mobility. 

The children need a safe and comfortable place to call home so that they can devote their time to study, says Maxwell Drever. This way they will be able to develop a better future for themselves. One small room with a study desk and the capability of the parents to give time will undoubtedly make the families healthier and happier. 

Affordable Housing Develops Sustainable Community

The need for affordable housing solutions is crucial, not only for the neighborhoods but also for the families paying monthly rents. When the Government focuses on affordable housing solutions, they will be able to improve the positive effect on the surrounding communities. 

Many studies have proved that the availability of affordable housing will undoubtedly encourage social connection and uplift the residents. Additionally, it will also attract business opportunities, employment opportunities, increase the adjacent value of the properties, and lower the crime rate. 

Multiple economic benefits come from affordable housing. From increased taxes to increases hiring and increased spending, affordable housing will undoubtedly help the communities to thrive. When the families are free from the worries about renting, people living in affordable housing can spend their monthly salary on other expenses. This will not only enhance economic growth but also job creations. 

Promotes Diversity

Affordable housing solutions encourage diversity by developing various communities where people of different educational, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds can unite without any problem. Diverse communities will undoubtedly develop cultural knowledge regarding fairness, sensitivity, and understanding of different races. This will ultimately create a better community overall, says Maxwell Drever.

When the Government supports affordable housing in the community, people will be able to purchase their first home. This aids in building a vibrant and stronger community. 


These are the top 3 reasons affordable housing can create a better world for people to live in. Do you have any more questions? Make sure you comment down below.