Top 3 Airsoft Rifles You Need to See


Few airsoft players if any would rush headlong into a match without a trusted automatic capable airsoft rifle that would suit their needs on open battlefields and in CQB alike. Some rifles are better for suiting a wide range of needs than others.

If you need a new, serviceable rifle for your next match, or you’ve been thinking about upgrading your current go-to platform, here are some of the best-selling, most popular airsoft rifles out there.

1. G&G ARP9 M4
The G&G ARP9 M4 has been making waves since it was introduced just a few years back. It’s consistently been one of the most popular AEGs on the market ever since, a fact that is backed up by its steady, high sales.

It’s more compact than its cousin, the G&G CM16 Raider, and its measurements vary from 20 to just over 23 inches depending on the adjustment of the stock. Even though it’s short, it still has plenty of rail space (adequate room for red dots and other attachments) and capacity, making it an extremely popular AEG for CQB.

Best of all, at under 250 dollars, you can hardly find a better or even a comparable SBR to the ARP9. In its price class, there’s not much else you can go with that can match the adaptability, light weight, and modularity of this AEG.

2. G&G CM16 Raider Short M4/M16
The G&G CM16 Raider is, without a doubt, one of the best AEGs ever designed, especially when you consider its price point. It is, hands down, one of the most reliable, dependable AEG rifles in its price range.

With a tough polymer receiver and high-quality metal internals including a Version 2 full metal, fully upgradeable gearbox with brass bearings, it’s rock solid. It’s also capable of producing muzzle velocities approaching 400 FPS with .20g 6mm airsoft BB pellets. Powerful, lightweight, and highly modular, it’s an extremely versatile AEG that can’t be beaten on price – you can find one for under 200 dollars.

3. KWA LM4 PTR GBB Airsoft Rifle
KWA is interesting in the airsoft game, as they produce some high-quality gas blowback airsoft rifles where most other producers are creating electrical airsoft replicas instead. This one is one of their top-selling GBB rifles.

This LM4 replica features full metal construction for unparalleled durability as well as a railed upper receiver with plenty of room for optics and other attachments, as well as a detachable carry handle and a retractable six-position LE stock.

Players will love the smooth, natural feel of the GBB action as well as the power of this rifle – capable of reaching 400 FPS when charged with green gas. It’s modular, capable, but still simple – all excellent traits in a GBB rifle. Reliability is important in the field.

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