Top 10 freelancing websites to hire React developers?

React developers

The market for IT professionals is constantly quite powerful across the globe. It is becoming more difficult for companies to source React developers who are qualified enough. This is partly because the demand is more and the number of developers remains to be stagnant.

Another essential factor is the continuous and rapid transition towards the use of digital technologies. As a result, there is not enough time for IT experts to keep up with the speed of development. And with the global pandemic, hiring freelance React developers is only getting harder.

There are, nevertheless, several websites from which you can pick the right applicants, narrow them down according to their abilities, and recruit them for your company. Some also allow you to have them appear for a test that will confirm whether or not they are fit for the job. Lets us have a look at these websites:

  1. Toptal

Toptal is an international, remote company offering a community of freelancers that provides software developers, designers, and business consultants to organizations. While its pool of talent has been built to include programmers and financial experts, it places an emphasis on providing top-quality developers (such as React, Python, and others). 

If you find yourself switching between thousands of apps for a single project suddenly, hiring an excellent Toptal developer is probably going to be your best choice. Toptal’s esteemed base of React developers is readily accessible to businesses. It also makes it possible to become a member of their group with only the best React developers.

  1. Codementor

Codementor is an on-demand marketplace to hire the best React engineers, developers, consultants, architects, programmers, and even tutors. It is really a one-stop-shop for all your development and official needs. It has a community of over 1500 professional React freelancers from around the world. When you are in need of an immediate developer, the 72-hour guarantee and risk-free trial will absolutely come in handy.

The process to hire Remote React developers is quite simple with the easy-to-use Codementor interface. The freelancers mostly have their details updated on the portal and as a recruiter, you can chat with the developers and see if they are a good fit. Once you are satisfied, you can hire the developer and assign them the tasks.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a global freelance website, with a user base of over 12 million. With the help of sorting algorithms, this amazing platform aims to connect all the React developers to prospective employers. They have a huge network of freelancers and employers on their platform. Employers also enjoy the flexibility and simplicity that Upwork has to offer. 

Since Upwork is such a large platform, some of the screening and research work would be something that the business will have to do. In addition to being an effective bridge between the company and the remote developer, Upwork is also beneficial among the other job portals. All the necessary payments are also processed by Upwork, which protects all parties to the agreement.

  1. Flexiple

Flexiple allows organizations to hire top freelance developers and designers with hourly rates ranging from $30 to $100 within 48 hours to 7 days. The hiring process is quite simple too wherein the company can simply share their tech requirements and Flexiple will recommend 2-3 developer profiles with their detailed CV and projects. 

Their team will then fix a discussion session with these freelancers they think would be suitable for your job. Once the company is satisfied with the React professional, they will streamline the hiring process in no time.

  1. Xteam

Xteam is a diverse community of dedicated developers who can start working anytime. The business provides an interesting opportunity to freelancers, making it possible to become an X-Teamer for the best and brightest minds. React.js is only one of X-Team’s specialties, and they have React experts that have collaborated with companies such as Riot Games, Twitter, and Fox. 

Work ethic, efficiency, and transparency are some of the foundations on which this business is founded, and their basis when recruiting developers. With many custom-built integrations and bots, the entire company runs through multiple tools. The development of a community that is fit for remote work is a big part of their recruitment process.

  1. Codersera

Codersera is a convenient and easy-to-use platform for recruiting talented coders and designers from a remote developer community around the world. It is a website that focuses solely on providing services for remote development. Either you can recruit a React remote developer or you can apply to be one. Codersera aims to provide you with the top 1 percent of developers worldwide through its rigorous recruiting process. 

All Codersera developers are full-stack developers with the knowledge of the latest technologies such as React, Python, etc, and are very well versed in their respective fields. Codersera also gives you access to a risk-free environment where you are required to pay only after the full completion of the project.

  1. Hired

Hired is a great website that effortlessly links you to developers and bridges the overall gap between employers and remote employees. You can easily apply for interview requests to React specialists that you happen to like, and if you made the best offer, they’ll accept and you can begin working with them. The scalable price structure makes Hired ideal for most budgets.

  1. Brainhub

Whether you are looking for a React professional for only a single project, or you want a group of people ready to join your team, BrainHub’s group of Javascript experts are the people you might want to look into. Remote projects need a robust, interconnected team that can get things done quickly and easily. Whether you’re working with a web or mobile application, BrainHub has that team ready to go.

  1. Guru

Guru is among the most famous job posting platforms online, with over 3 million freelancers listed and waiting for a job. Although you are responsible for the recruitment process, the organization allows you to create a payment plan with the individuals with whom you want to work. 

It is entirely free to post a job role, and you can wait for contacts or check for an acceptable candidate yourself. There’s no shortlisting process to follow, but you’ll be visible on apps anyway, amongst so many other users. Guru streamlines everything, making it fast and convenient to recruit React freelancers and get started on the job.

  1. RemoteOK

It is a remote work network linking companies with job seekers who are flexible with their work timings. Their target audience is more than 1 million, giving employers access to a vast global network of remote specialists. In contrast to those of its competitors, the RemoteOK platform represents a unique framework. 

RemoteOK is a platform for independent software engineers, remote developers, or digital nomads where you can hire React developers from. The website enables you to present your work proposal ready for submission to potential participants instead of searching through the list of freelancers’ profiles. If you just want to close a profile easily but do not want to end up with an inept applicant, their seamless interface and distinctive model will come in handy for you.

Honorary Mention: Freelancer

Freelancer makes use of a bidding system to allow you to connect with potential candidates. This simple process enables you to select a professional React developer in a jiffy, making sure you don’t have to struggle a lot. You can see the portfolio of freelancers’ past work as well as testimonials and feedback left by past employers to see if they will prove to be trustworthy. The website comes with applications such as live chat and time tracking to keep you on schedule and in touch.

To Conclude…

No suggestions or advice on looking for a remote job would make sense without addressing the global pandemic that has changed the job market in ways we don’t yet fully understand. For many individuals who have suddenly become unemployed due to COVID-19 lockdowns, it is no longer a long-term dream to find remote employment, it has actually become a short-term requirement. 

A great deal has changed in 2020 when it comes to job hunting. Industries such as hospitality and travel have slowed recruiting dramatically (for obvious reasons), but others like EdTech, shipping and distribution, and online networking tools have entirely boomed.

There are still huge prospects to choose from, especially if you have technical skills that are in demand. And there is a big opportunity for you to make use of your tech expertise to help during the outbreak. If you have been working as a React developer, you will find no problem and would easily find a remote job.

We have put together a detailed list of remote hiring websites that you can use to manage the job hunt in such a rapidly changing world. From preserving your mental health when looking for a job during this period to positioning yourself in the new job market, we have got your back.