TMS: The Top 10 Transportation Management Software Packages Available

TMS: The Top 10 Transportation Management Software Packages Available

Every year, logistic service providers face new challenges in the growing demands of shipping. To counter these difficulties, ever considered transport management software?

With the growth of online shopping, the management of shipments can be a tedious task. One of the best ways to handle shipments easier is by making use of appropriate technology. This is where transport management systems come in.

Transportation management software is a technological logistics platform that is often part of a bigger supply chain management system. These platforms aim to help businesses plan and complete the shipment of goods.

If you work in logistics, it’s crucial to know the best transport management system software to help you. Here are our top picks for the best TMS software.

Transportation Management Software: What Is It For

A transportation management system gives users visibility into daily transportation operations. They also help in trade compliance documentation to ensure that each delivery is on time.

TMS software is also essential in supply chains. It affects the whole process of supply. A powerful transport management system can make transportation planning and execution more efficient.

This results in higher customer satisfaction that will give sales increase. In simpler terms, great TMS software can help a business grow at a quicker pace.

1. MercuryGate

One of the best TMS software available right now is MercuryGate. It’s an international transportation management system that handles all kinds of delivery.

MercuryGate’s software also includes architecture to make integration with other platforms easier. That way you can plan, improve, and complete stock movements in one platform.

Another interesting thing about MercuryGate is its high level of visibility. Companies can check on all tasks and find appropriate carriers to transport goods and freight faster.

MercuryGate is also a cloud-based transport management system software. This means that upgrading and scaling are simple as your operations grow.

2. Oracle

Oracle is a TMS software that focuses on enhancing networks. It also offers real-time visibility of shipments. This software is scalable and good for handling complicated networks.

Oracle provides an improvement in management processes. Oracle’s TMS software also includes carrier sourcing and business intelligence. Apart from that, it also reduces the cost of freights. While doing so, it increases on-time delivery performance.

Because of this real-time visibility, there’s a significant boost in shipping accuracy. This then leads to higher client trust and satisfaction.

3. BluJay

Another top TMS cloud-based platform is BluJay. This transport is great for any business that handles supply chain planning.

BluJay is a versatile TMS software. It can fit into different industries like automotive and pharmaceuticals.

BluJay users are also able to access a huge network of transport partners. It’s often with the use of the Global Trade Network.

The network helps shipping partners collaborate and enhance shipments. Alongside that, it also helps carriers in managing their mileage.

4. Freightview

Freightview is another cloud-based TMS. This freight management platform lessens the time and expense of shipping freight.

This platform also helps organize the entire shipping setup of the company. That way, there’s an improvement in visibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Freightview users can also compare shipping rates and schedule pickups. It also enables companies to manage their carrier relationships and help negotiate rates.


This TMS software focuses on planning and cost-cutting. JDA TMS is also a platform that is available on-premised or cloud-based.

JDA gives users a control tower approach in the shipping and distribution process management. By using the upgraded features of this software, businesses can improve planning. It’s also a good way to update collaborations.

6. Excalibur TMS

Excalibur is a transport management system that is either cloud-based or on-premise. This platform offers live features that help improve transport completion. It also helps in decreasing costs while boosting the company’s productivity.

What’s great about Excalibur TMS is its adaptability. Because of that, the platform is easier to suit the needs of the users.

7. SAP

SAP is a TMS software that features both a cloud-based and on-premise deployment. It has a lot of tools focusing on increasing efficiency and visibility. SAP operations also provide leverage forecasting tools for effective planning.

The platform also includes a collaboration feature to improve client-partner communication. Not only that, but SAP TMS also has automation tools that help in updating processes that often need a huge investment of manual resources.

8. Manhattan

Manhattan is a huge and connectable TMS software that offers fast operations. This platform helps in planning. It also focuses on the improvement of transport technology completion.

9. IBM Sterling

This TMS is an open and integrated platform. IBM Sterling also makes use of advanced technology like AI. By using that, you can connect to the suppliers. This software gives real-time insights, visibility, and recommendations on customer engagement.

IBM Sterling also provides support for inventory and order management.

10. Kuebix

Kuebix is a cloud-based app focusing on the efficiency of supply and distribution. It does this by increasing visibility and making use of analytics.

Kuebix’s platform can handle simple to complicated supply chains. It also enables users to lessen costs and increase their savings. This is possible with its easy-to-use rate comparison feature.

Not only that, but this software also saves time by using automated audits.
When using Kuebix, it also ensures the users a boost in processing speed. Processes finish fast within weeks or months instead of the average years it’ll take.

The Top 10 List of Available Transportation Management Software

Transport management often takes a long process to finish, and it can also get disorganized fast. The right transportation management software helps in lessening your difficulties. It’s also important that you choose the appropriate TMS software for your company’s needs.

That way, you’ll get the most of your money while increasing your efficiency and productivity. If you work in logistics, don’t stop here. Check out our other blog posts for more relevant content like this.